Aspose.PDF for .NET 6.7.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to share the new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-32824 - How to determine if the source PDF is password encrypted ? PDFNEWNET-28011 - Add named destinations functionality


  • PDFNEWNET-19702 -  PdfFileMend is unable to load 1 GB large file PDFNEWNET-19706 -  PdfBookmarkEditor is unable to save the 1 GB large file PDFNEWNET-30312 - Printer queue document name PDFNEWNET-31533 - PDF generation time should be reduced PDFNEWNET-33166 - Implement repair procedure for broken references to objects stored in Object Streams PDFNEWNET-33165 -  Aspose.PDF for .NET hangs indefinitely during text extraction


  • PDFNEWNET-29438 - ArgumentNullException when trying to add form field to PDF document PDFNEWNET-33224 - Unable to set TextFragment.Text property PDFNEWNET-32409 - exception was thrown : System.ArgumentNullException : Key cannot be null. Parameter name: key PDFNEWNET-32503 - PDF from PaperPort 11 (PDF version 1.3) crashes Aspose PDF TextAbsorber PDFNEWNET-32657 - Unable to Cast Exception using TextFragmentAbsorber PDFNEWNET-32681 - Aspose.PDF.Facades.PdfExtractor.ExtractText() causes Null Reference Exception PDFNEWNET-33140 - Index was outside the bounds of the array. Using textFragment.Text = String.Empty; PDFNEWNET-30301 - Throw the InvalidFileFormatException instead IOException when opening invalid pdf file. PDFNEWNET-19701 -   PdfFileInfo.Save failed with OutOfMemoryException with 1 GB File PDFNEWNET-33137 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException using TextFragmentAbsorber PDFNEWNET-32894 - Extract Text Error / Exception “Object Reference not set to an instance of the object” PDFNEWNET-33121 - Cross reference table or cross reference stream not found


  • PDFNEWNET-25438 - PdfFileMend is Unable to open file PDFNEWNET-27339 - Pdf document is corrupted after adding of a stamp. PDFNEWNET-30912 - Font error in Adobe Reader when stamping PDF on PDF using Stream object PDFNEWNET-31369 - When adding Header to PDF document, resultnat file is displaying error message PDFNEWNET-31552 - FormEditor.AddSubmitBtn, unable to display button caption PDFNEWNET-31701 - Form fields are not appearing when viewed over mobile device PDFNEWNET-31828 - PDF 6.4.0 - Some Pages printed incorrectly, just black boxes instead of pictures PDFNEWNET-31864 - Adobe reader opens but gives error 131. PDFNEWNET-31906 - Form filling issue in Aspose.PDF.Facades PDFNEWNET-32225 - Submit button Title is not being added PDFNEWNET-32604 - Fix print to XPS of documents with large images PDFNEWNET-32635 - Hyperlink set to an Image on first page is carried forward to the subsequent pages PDFNEWNET-32666 - Issues while generating Pdf file when IsHtmlTagSupported is set to true in v6.5 PDFNEWNET-32746 - HTML to PDF conversion error PDFNEWNET-32878 - Issue with setSubmit URL PDFNEWNET-32916 - PDF file are not being concatenated using PdfEditor class PDFNEWNET-33058 - PDF to TIF Conversion problem PDFNEWNET-33086 - FillField changes the font of the filed PDFNEWNET-33120 - Replace Text is Chopping of the text Aspose.PDF v6.5 PDFNEWNET-33138 - Target text of Hyperlink is also behave like Hyperlink PDFNEWNET-33153 - “File does not begin ‘%PDF-’.” PDFNEWNET-33158 - PdfFileEditor.Concatenate Issue (No resultant file is generated) PDFNEWNET-33159 - Signature fields being removed during FlattenAllFields PDFNEWNET-33160 - Signature fields being inverted during FlattenAllFields PDFNEWNET-33161 - Scanner specific pdf’s cannot be concatenated with other documents PDFNEWNET-33163 - Error when concatenating files PDFNEWNET-33108 - Font Change on clicking form field PDFNEWNET-33124 - PDF password needed?