Aspose.PDF for .NET 6.8.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to share the new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-10448 - Shrink the actual page contents on a PDF page PDFNEWNET-23046 - Text subsystem: Implement font subsetting PDFNEWNET-29779 - Introduce Document.Save(…) method which can accept Response object


  • PDFNEWNET-27580 - Export/import bookmarks (XML, HTML) PDFNEWNET-33217 - Orientation issue in PDF file printing PDFNEWNET-33139 - The size of resultant PDF increased after migration from Aspose.PDF.Kit to *.Facades PDFNEWNET-32655 - Extend Aspose.PDF.Facades.StampInfo PDFNEWNET-29806 - Extracting the First Image in PDF - Extremely Slow Performance PDFNEWNET-29842 - Add support of saving concatenation result into Response object PDFNEWNET-32531 - Implement merging of XFA forms


  • PDFNEWNET-33164 - Add text to header and footer throws exception with message ‘Corrupt Content’. PDFNEWNET-33265 - PDFSignatureFile.BindPdf method throws exception using MemoryStreams PDFNEWNET-33300 - Read pdf error: Cross Reference Table or Cross Reference Stream not Found


  • PDFNEWNET-30405 - Table break issue at the end of page PDFNEWNET-31747 - Image extracted from PDF is 0KB. PDFNEWNET-31840 - PDF loose information while rotating PDFNEWNET-32158 - Text extracted from PDF is garbage PDFNEWNET-32261 - When concatenating the PDF files, attachments are ignored PDFNEWNET-32408 - Output image is clean PDFNEWNET-33051 - ASPOSE.PDF PdfFileEditor Concatenate makes pdf file unreadable PDFNEWNET-33134 - Check-box problem in Aspose.PDF ver 6.5 PDFNEWNET-33171 - Converting PDF to text never returns (using TextAbsorber) v6.6 PDFNEWNET-33183 - Contents of images are swapped on every page PDFNEWNET-33184 - Image Distortion with Aspose.PDF.Facades.PdfConverter PDFNEWNET-33188 - Fill image field using FillImageField but not visible after save PDFNEWNET-33199 - ImportXML Issue: No data being imported from XML PDFNEWNET-33213 - Form Field cannot be filled using Aspose.PDF for .NET v6.6 PDFNEWNET-33214 - Fill a PDF using Aspose.PDF and open with Adobe gives adobe error (131) PDFNEWNET-33227 - Failure at document open PDFNEWNET-33228 - Pdf ‘Save’ doesn’t work properly PDFNEWNET-33264 - Portion of a page visible black after applying security PDFNEWNET-33303 - Table with rounded corners is not being generated PDFNEWNET-33283 - Delete Stamp and adding again cause previous stamp to appear