Aspose.PDF for .NET 8.1.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-14497 Support PDF to DOCX Conversion
  • PDFNEWNET-29755 Convert normal PDF to searchable PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-32453 Create Searchable (Indexed) PDF documents
  • PDFNEWNET-35199 SVG to PDF - get source SVG dimensions
  • PDFNEWNET-14493 Implement Tagged PDF to XML conversion


  • PDFNEWNET-33729 PDF Text Extraction Not Respecting White-space
  • PDFNEWNET-35210 PdfPageStamp should support the feature to set its dimensions


  • PDFNEWNET-34040 PDF to HTML Spaces being ignored
  • PDFNEWNET-34382 Printing the PDF file containing non-English characters, corrupts the contents
  • PDFNEWNET-34713 Extra Space issue in Pdf to Html conversion
  • PDFNEWNET-34926 Conversion of pdf to jpg with some details lost
  • PDFNEWNET-34980 PDF to XPS :- Contents are incorrect
  • PDFNEWNET-35080 PDF to TIFF - Fidelity of resultant TIFF is not good
  • PDFNEWNET-35083 Resultant document corrupts,while replacing text using PdfContentEditor class
  • PDFNEWNET-35219 Selecting page range from PDF produces file with size same as input document
  • PDFNEWNET-35242 Wrong text extraction
  • PDFNEWNET-35247 First character of every subsequent line in Stamp object is being chopped off
  • PDFNEWNET-35257 Traditional Chinese characters issue, while converting PDF to TIFF
  • PDFNEWNET-35258 Korean characters and not being rendered properly, while converting PDF to TIFF
  • PDFNEWNET-35262 PDF to DOC - Header text copied to the bottom of the previous page
  • PDFNEWNET-35288 PDF printing issues
  • PDFNEWNET-35173 Difference in table,row and cell border in 6.4 and 7.9
  • PDFNEWNET-35132 Creating Portfolio feature is malfunctioning
  • PDFNEWNET-35143 Metadata properties are changed after stamping the document
  • PDFNEWNET-35166 Customer need text wrapping feature in TextFragment class
  • PDFNEWNET-35205 Stamping and saving scanned PDF fails
  • PDFNEWNET-35211 Problem with RowSpan for Cell in First Row of Table
  • PDFNEWNET-35268 PDF version 1.7 is not being converted to 1.4
  • PDFNEWNET-35333 Multipage Tiff to PDF conversion issue