Aspose.PDF for .NET 8.2.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-28774 Insert image in a searchable PDF and retain the PDF as searchable
  • PDFNEWNET-32457 Define an outer color of the text when using RenderingMode.FillStrokeText
  • PDFNEWNET-34142 Calculating bbox for a character
  • PDFNEWNET-35107 Extract text from particular page region
  • PDFNEWNET-35413 SAASPDF-70 image resource Support deleting images
  • PDFNEWNET-35277 Aspose.PDF installer should contain dll for 3.5_ClientProfile


  • PDFNEWNET-35327 Text search should be case insensative
  • PDFNEWNET-33220 Adding watermark to 1.5GB file takes longer time
  • PDFNEWNET-32405 Hang’s up on picture extraction
  • PDFNEWNET-35197 SetImageSize(..) method of Stamp class does not support
  • PDFNEWNET-34784 Performance issue in Pdf to Tiff conversion


  • PDFNEWNET-33874 Exception is occurring when trying to add Table with 90,000 rows
  • PDFNEWNET-34908 Optimize() method Thowing exception
  • PDFNEWNET-34689 Exception is thrown after invoking doc.PagescurrentPage.AddStamp()
  • PDFNEWNET-35453 Validate method throwing NullReferenceException
  • PDFNEWNET-35387 System.NotSupportedException exception while text stamping
  • PDFNEWNET-35300 NullReferenceException on PageEditor.GetPageSize
  • PDFNEWNET-35383 ArgumentNullException when opening PDF document
  • PDFNEWNET-35393 System.ApplicationException error appears when stamping PDF file


  • PDFNEWNET-10734 Mangled image when creating jpeg from PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-34443 Print Quality is not Good when Printing using PdfViewer
  • PDFNEWNET-35077 TextStamp increase filesize
  • PDFNEWNET-35086 Characters are not appearing in filled field
  • PDFNEWNET-35161 PDF to TIFF - Signature missing on converted TIF
  • PDFNEWNET-35198 Pdf Stamp - Problem while viewing resultant PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-35206 PdfFileMend issue - resultant file is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-35224 PDF to JPEG - missing font and word spacing issue
  • PDFNEWNET-35225 PDF to TIFF - resultant file is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-35230 Unable to determine invalid PDF file
  • PDFNEWNET-35231 Customer unable to replace text, using PdfContentEditor
  • PDFNEWNET-35244 The border does not appear after the first row in a table
  • PDFNEWNET-35316 PDF to DOC - Different font in resultant DOC
  • PDFNEWNET-35353 OptimizeResources() method does not affect when Splitting PDF to pages
  • PDFNEWNET-35436 File contents not appearing when embedding GnuMICR Font
  • PDFNEWNET-35448 Problem converting PDF to PDF/A
  • PDFNEWNET-35464 PDF/A validation error!
  • PDFNEWNET-34878 While applying border on Cells/Rows it slightly extends over right border
  • PDFNEWNET-34842 Problem in formatting while inserting Radio buttons
  • PDFNEWNET-35043 TIFF to PDF conversion - Increase in size
  • PDFNEWNET-35047 Top and bottom parameters values of ResizeContents method are inverted
  • PDFNEWNET-35196 TextWrapping porperty of Cell class of Aspose.PDF.Generator is not working
  • PDFNEWNET-35320 Border has extra width, while using with ColumnSpan
  • PDFNEWNET-35323 Sideways text is not being extracted as readable
  • PDFNEWNET-35352 Table does not break correctly when first row is repeating
  • PDFNEWNET-35390 Unable to instantiate RadioButtonField object
  • PDFNEWNET-35392 XMP Metatdata is being wiped out while signing the document
  • PDFNEWNET-35412 Pdf to DOCX/DOC conversion results in a black document