Aspose.PDF for .NET 8.6.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

  • PDFNEWNET-20927 Save PDF as .eps
  • PDFNEWNET-35889 PDF to EPS Support
  • PDFNEWNET-33410 Convert PDF file to SVG image
  • PDFNEWNET-33541 PDF to Excel worksheet conversion


  • PDFNEWNET-34704 BindHTML method should support Stream object
  • PDFNEWNET-35322 PDF to DOC - Blue box should not appear around the text
  • PDFNEWNET-35609 PDF to HTMl: to specify folder for saving
  • PDFNEWNET-35658 Add option to compress the SVG files
  • PDFNEWNET-35890 HorizontalAlignment property should exist in TextState class


  • PDFNEWNET-30281 NullReferenceException is occurring when converting XML file into PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-35702 Exception while filling data in form field
  • PDFNEWNET-35745 NullReferenceException when adding watermark to PDF file
  • PDFNEWNET-35743 Text Stamp is throwing NullReferenceException with regional settings other than US


  • PDFNEWNET-34903 PDF to XPS: Resultant file is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-35448 Problem converting PDF to PDF/A
  • PDFNEWNET-35538 PDF to XPS - Hidden text not hidden resultant XPS document
  • PDFNEWNET-35576 Changing PageSice crops page contents
  • PDFNEWNET-35595 PDF to HTML - text alignment is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-35628 PDF to PDF/A conversion issues
  • PDFNEWNET-35814 PDF file is not being converted to PDF_A_1B
  • PDFNEWNET-35860 Attachments are not being extracted from PDF file
  • PDFNEWNET-35874 No Constructor for ComboBoxField
  • PDFNEWNET-35877 Missing text when printing XPS generated with Document class
  • PDFNEWNET-35896 Issue with headers spacing
  • PDFNEWNET-35900 Too much memory is being utilized while manipulating large PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-35901 Incorrect coordinates being returned for TextFragment
  • PDFNEWNET-35907 Attempting to remove JavaScript in attached file raises error
  • PDFNEWNET-35937 Pdf Sound Annotation return Bad Parameter
  • PDFNEWNET-35939 PDF to HTML - Some fonts are missing
  • PDFNEWNET-35973 Error after migration to latest release
  • PDFNEWNET-35419 IsKepTogether not working in Nested Tables
  • PDFNEWNET-35615 XSL-FO to PDF: space-after tag not working when parent element has padding attribute
  • PDFNEWNET-35695 PDFA1b compliance fails with document containing user defined Metadata property
  • PDFNEWNET-35813 Blank lines are not showing up inside the annotation
  • PDFNEWNET-35855 PDF to PDFA1B: Conformance failed with Adobe PreFlight option
  • PDFNEWNET-35876 TIFF to PDF : Image width and height impact only first frame of Multi-Page TIFF
  • PDFNEWNET-35886 While modifying document priviliges using PdfFileSecurity, a user password is set
  • PDFNEWNET-35912 Splitting page is not working in 8.5 but 7.5
  • PDFNEWNET-35916 Form.Fields collection is missing some form fields
  • PDFNEWNET-35917 FormFieldFacade returning incorrect position of radio buttons
  • PDFNEWNET-35944 Setting IsHtmlTagSupported as true ignores font name and size for text element
  • PDFNEWNET-35961 Text Wrapping issue in table cell
  • PDFNEWNET-35968 Aspose.PDF (DOM) doesn’t honor BackgroundColor property of FloatingBox object
  • PDFNEWNET-35997 Line drawn using PdfContentEditor is not visible in Firefox/Chrome