Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.0.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with the following improvements.

Improvements and Changes

 PDFNEWNET-29919 Convert MHT file into PDF format

PDFNEWNET-35467 How to Extract embedded certificate file and image from digitally signed PDF document.

PDFNEWNET-36055 Extract Signature information

PDFNEWNET-36286 Add the ability to prefix CSS class names in style.css

PDFNEWNET-36394 ExportBookmarksToXML() should return output in Stream or XmlDocument object

PDFNEWNET-36435 PDF to HTML - Add a prefix to import directivesEnhancements

PDFNEWNET-34445 Support for Adobe Arabic font when using Right to Left Text

PDFNEWNET-35653 Center the output and add a page border

PDFNEWNET-35654 Add justified text into the HTML paragraph

PDFNEWNET-35655 Pages should flow depending on screen resolution

PDFNEWNET-35656 Identify tabular data an correctly alignment

PDFNEWNET-35668 PDF to HTML: Pages flow should dep

PDFNEWNET-36044 Extracting image from signature field

PDFNEWNET-36273 Improve performance of APS to Pdf conversion in context of HTML to Pdf scenario

PDFNEWNET-36304 Opening PDF document with Adobe Reader throws error “FontPackage Required ..”

PDFNEWNET-36346 Improve font substitution for different parts of text segment

PDFNEWNET-36405 Improve Concatenation performanceExceptions

PDFNEWNET-34450 Object Reference Exception thrown on Saving the document

PDFNEWNET-35787 Exception while converting PDF to PDF/A

PDFNEWNET-35878 Exception: Invalid Signature Object exception

PDFNEWNET-36149 While converting PDF to JPG StackOverFlowException is being raised

PDFNEWNET-36315 PDF to TIFF - StackOverflowException during conversionBugs

PDFNEWNET-33822 HTML to PDF conversion - Hang on Save

PDFNEWNET-33866 Images are not present when converting PDF to DOC format

PDFNEWNET-34904 PDF to XPS: Objects missing over resultant file

PDFNEWNET-35684 VerifySigned returning false

PDFNEWNET-35712 PDF to TIFF: StackOverflow exception arises

PDFNEWNET-35885 HTML to PDF: empty file is being generated

PDFNEWNET-35898 HTML to PDF: Table format is lost

PDFNEWNET-36119 Signature corrupts during ExportAnnotationsXfdf and ImportAnnotationFromXfdf

PDFNEWNET-36157 XPS to PDF: some text is missing in resultant PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36158 XPS to PDF: Rectangle renders incorrectly

PDFNEWNET-36189 PDF to HTML converter - used not exact fonts

PDFNEWNET-36283 Keyword property enclosed in double quotes with use of comma or CR/LF

PDFNEWNET-36348 TXT to PDF - Special characters are not being rendered to PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36354 Problem with PdfFileEditor.Concatenate

PDFNEWNET-36372 XPS to PDF - resultant file is not correct

PDFNEWNET-36380 Problem converting PDF to PDF/A_1b

PDFNEWNET-36390 Bookmark is skipping one page after chnaging bookmark zoom level to Inherit zoom

PDFNEWNET-36398 First page is corrupted if we make any change in the PDF

PDFNEWNET-36404 When adding TextStamp, fillable fields no longer work correctly

PDFNEWNET-36412 Flattening the fields shows hidden fields

PDFNEWNET-36413 Flattening form hides the visible fields

PDFNEWNET-36429 SaveNewInfo() method of PdfFileInfo class results a zero length file

PDFNEWNET-36437 Large data, no new page created

PDFNEWNET-36441 Unable to certify the PDF document

PDFNEWNET-36464 PDFNEWNET-36332 Page splitting works wrong with new generator

PDFNEWNET-36478 PDF to Excel - Image does not appear in resultant file