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Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.1.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with the following improvements.

Improvements and Changes

PDFNEWNET-34959 Control image quality when adding imagestamps

PDFNEWNET-35843 Determine the progress of PDF file generated

PDFNEWNET-35943 PDF to HTML - Place css styles for text position info as an inline style

PDFNEWNET-36439 insert metadata with prefix

PDFNEWNET-36503 Progress details of PDF to HTML gneration

PDFNEWNET-36525 PDF to HTML - Completely remove SVG from the rendering process

PDFNEWNET-36533 Implement IsInNewPage property for paragraphEnhancements

PDFNEWNET-33174 PDF to HTML conversion using Streams

PDFNEWNET-35571 Digital sign a password protected Pdf Document

PDFNEWNET-36274 PDF to HTML - set unique ID for resultant files

PDFNEWNET-36495 PDF to HTML conversion: API should specify all sizes and coordinates in EM

PDFNEWNET-36496 PDF to HTML: saveOptions.ExplicitListOfSavedPages should save html with page number prefix

PDFNEWNET-36498 PDF to HTML conversion: Add page number as prefix to css files

PDFNEWNET-36499 PDF to HTML conversion: Add page number as prefix to image resoruces

PDFNEWNET-36506 Improve PDF signing featurePDFNEWNET-36540 Image Inserted to PDF is blurExceptions

PDFNEWNET-34489 Document constructor locks the input file even the operation is performed

PDFNEWNET-34748 PDF to HTML: Unable to save output in Stream object

PDFNEWNET-35678 PDF to PNG - StackOverflowException is occurring

PDFNEWNET-36256 Aspose.PDF.SetLicense (8.7.0) crashes when calling library is obfuscated

PDFNEWNET-36456 Opening PDF document throws FormatException

PDFNEWNET-36477 GDI error when converting Image file to PDF

PDFNEWNET-36520 Exception while loading the PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36528 ArgumentException when combobox selected index is setBugs

PDFNEWNET-33696 Getting corrupt Pdfs when converting BMP files

PDFNEWNET-34041 Japanese characters being mangled when converting HTML file into PDF format

PDFNEWNET-34626 Evaluation watermark is not appearing when converting PDF to DOC in Trial mode

PDFNEWNET-34963 russian unicode text does not extract correctly

PDFNEWNET-35361 Aspose.PDF Generator generates empty file if ListSection were used

PDFNEWNET-35731 HTML to PDF: sub bullets style is not being honored

PDFNEWNET-35767 PDF to TIFF - First page appears blank

PDFNEWNET-35825 HTML to PDF: Form distorted

PDFNEWNET-35833 PDF to PNG - Contents are missing on resultant images

PDFNEWNET-35865 Encrypting a signed PDF document invalidates the signature

PDFNEWNET-35873 HTML to PDF - Missing text and weird layout

PDFNEWNET-35888 ExportXML/ImportXML methods are malfunctioning

PDFNEWNET-35897 HTML to PDF: Resultant document is being truncated

PDFNEWNET-35899 HTML to PDF (DOM): Data is being lost and table borders are missing

PDFNEWNET-35987 PDF to PNG: document text is misplaced and reversed

PDFNEWNET-36124 PDF Sign Page and Document methods kills w3wp.exe process.

PDFNEWNET-36143 Text Formatting not working when using IsHtmlTagSupported

PDFNEWNET-36148 HTML to PDF - Formatting is not preserved during conversion

PDFNEWNET-36163 Problem extracting pages from PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36254 PDF to XPS - problem while printing resultant files

PDFNEWNET-36342 Replaceable Symbol issue in HTML to PDF (DOM)

PDFNEWNET-36343 Setting source fields value doesn’t update forumla field atuomatically

PDFNEWNET-36350 HTML to PDF (DOM): Page size issue

PDFNEWNET-36373 Japanese text not extracted

PDFNEWNET-36384 XSL-FO to PDF conversion: adding footer on last page only

PDFNEWNET-36385 PDF to Image conversion: loses contents

PDFNEWNET-36393 PDF to PDFA2b results into a scrambled PDF

PDFNEWNET-36397 Problem while enabling the PDF signing

PDFNEWNET-36398 First page is corrupted if we make any change in the PDF

PDFNEWNET-36411 PDF to TIFF: output image losts text

PDFNEWNET-36438 PDF to TIFF conversion results incorrect image

PDFNEWNET-36443 Multiple floating box positioning

PDFNEWNET-36480 Highlighting TextFragment overlaps the character edges

PDFNEWNET-36482 LaunchAction of some link annotation is not accesable

PDFNEWNET-36494 PDF to DOC conversion issue with lines

PDFNEWNET-36505 PDF to DOC/DOCX: Text alignment is incorrect

PDFNEWNET-36515 Flatten method is missing Ink annotation

PDFNEWNET-36521 PDF to PNG: output image mingles

PDFNEWNET-36529 An error occurrs when printing the PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36530 Form field do not appear selected when viewing in Foxit Reader

PDFNEWNET-36532 XPS to PDF - Bookmarks not being honored

PDFNEWNET-36537 Exception while adding Stamp to PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36546 PDF concatenation - Error viewing resultant PDF

PDFNEWNET-36559 Concatenating Tagged file results into non-tagged file.

PDFNEWNET-36564 Links are not detected if it is in table or header in a PDF file

PDFNEWNET-36593 Annotation import - cloud outbox is changed to stright line

PDFNEWNET-36598 Unable to clear Properties on subsequent calls

PDFNEWNET-36623 Image is only appearing on first page

PDFNEWNET-36631 Object is not found in PDF document

PDFNEWNET-36636 Problem creating multiple tables in PDF