Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.2.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New FeaturesPDFNEWNET-32812 Printing PDFs by a Windows ServicePDFNEWNET-33275 FIPS Compliancy of Aspose.PDF.NETPDFNEWNET-33747 XML to FDF conversionPDFNEWNET-33897 FO to PDF conversion issuePDFNEWNET-34393 HTML to PDF Support resource loading callbackPDFNEWNET-34692 Support the feature to Digitally Signing PDF with Timestamp ServerPDFNEWNET-36287 PDF to HTML - create subsequent files with body contents onlyPDFNEWNET-36507 Define time stamp servers while certifying the documentPDFNEWNET-36615 Convert PDF file to PDF/A3PDFNEWNET-36737 Support of PDF/A-3BEnhancementsPDFNEWNET-33287 Getting PUSH button Action Result ValuePDFNEWNET-33765 ImportXml forgets the xml attributes (eg: xfa:contentType on images).PDFNEWNET-34089 Add a new overloaded method in PdfFileSignature which can accept Signature name and Rectangle objectPDFNEWNET-34998 Pinting Pdf document, using PdfViewer, not working in Web applicationPDFNEWNET-35637 FreeTextAnnotation: Rectangle border colorPDFNEWNET-35866 How to get/set Print Job OwnerPDFNEWNET-36313 Find the xREF compression used for a pdfPDFNEWNET-36575 GetStringWidth method in new GeneratorExceptionsPDFNEWNET-33775 Unable to get PDF file propertiesPDFNEWNET-36086 PDF to TIFF - StackOverflowException while converting the documentPDFNEWNET-36118 PDF to TIFF - Exception while converting PDF to TIFFPDFNEWNET-36147 NullReferenceException when adding stamp over multiple documentsPDFNEWNET-36534 PDF to TIFF - Exception during conversionPDFNEWNET-36545 Exception when Stamping DocumentsPDFNEWNET-36613 Error message when calling AutoFiller.ImportDataTablePDFNEWNET-36621 Save method of PdfPbookmarkEditor is throwing IOexceptionPDFNEWNET-36641 NullReferenceException when trying to clear actions from Widget AnnotationPDFNEWNET-36653 System.ArgumentException when copying pages from one PDF to other Document objectPDFNEWNET-36654 NullReferenceException when copying pages from one PDF document other Document objectPDFNEWNET-36711 Exception while splitting the document to pagesPDFNEWNET-36712 Exception when trying to create new PDF document from each PagePDFNEWNET-36777 Error while opening password protected filePDFNEWNET-36800 StampAnnotation has no Image propertyBugsPDFNEWNET-31731 Unable to change Button CaptionPDFNEWNET-33132 Using q and Q operator causes adobe reader “error exists on this page"PDFNEWNET-33398 Convert HTML to PDF missing tablePDFNEWNET-33436 Optimize Corrupts the PDF filePDFNEWNET-33497 Convert HTML to PDF layout issuePDFNEWNET-33604 Table present inside PDF is misaligned when file is printedPDFNEWNET-33732 PDF to DOC conversion issuePDFNEWNET-33918 Text is being displayed on far Right end when using TextInfo.Alignment as AlignmentType.RightPDFNEWNET-33932 HTML converted to PDF is not correctPDFNEWNET-33954 PDF to HTML conversion shows some extra spaces and overlapping of wordsPDFNEWNET-34058 Decryption Causes PDF document corruptionPDFNEWNET-34103 Hyperlink problems : When Applying Document PrivilegesPDFNEWNET-34172 Problems while converting right-to-left pdf file to MS-WordPDFNEWNET-34501 Unable to open converted document in Word 2003PDFNEWNET-34558 HTML Formatted Text not rendering with BindHTML methodPDFNEWNET-34812 FormatedText Stamp loose Font Information in added linesPDFNEWNET-35295 HTML to PDF conversion loses formatting.PDFNEWNET-35318 PDF to DOC - Number list is not increasing properlyPDFNEWNET-35414 Aspose.PDF unable to get metadata created by other toolsPDFNEWNET-35484 XMP metadata added using iTextSharp is not visible in Aspose.PDFPDFNEWNET-35537 PDF to TIFF - resultant does not contain all contentsPDFNEWNET-35592 PDF to Image: Difference in PNG and TIFF resultsPDFNEWNET-35707 Difference in exported XML in 7.6 and 8.3PDFNEWNET-35769 Permissions password is being set, even though not providedPDFNEWNET-35965 FixHeight property of Aspose.PDF.Image class is not working properlyPDFNEWNET-36001 HTML to PDF: Multiple saving issuePDFNEWNET-36150 ExportXML export invalid values of Radiobutton groupPDFNEWNET-36182 HTML to PDF - Indentation of bulleted list is skewedPDFNEWNET-36249 Text alignment issue in floating boxPDFNEWNET-36267 PDF to XLS - Error message when opening resultant filePDFNEWNET-36323 Problem while flattening PDF formPDFNEWNET-36426 PDF to TIFF- Resultant images are blankPDFNEWNET-36493 Problem converting PDF to PDF/A_1aPDFNEWNET-36514 PDF to PNG conversion loses the contentsPDFNEWNET-36547 PdfConverter output misformedPDFNEWNET-36569 Changing resolution corrupts the imagesPDFNEWNET-36594 BarCode image is not being added to PDF filePDFNEWNET-36599 After merge nested bookmarks are duplicatedPDFNEWNET-36607 Unable to extract pages using Adobe AcrobatPDFNEWNET-36616 Annotations do not appear when flattenedPDFNEWNET-36622 PDF to TIFF conversion results text missingPDFNEWNET-36645 Error viewing document once converted to v1.4PDFNEWNET-36651 Insufficient data for an image (.bmp)PDFNEWNET-36652 Real poor image quality after conversion from PDFPDFNEWNET-36657 Significant increase in file size when adding FreeTextAnnotationPDFNEWNET-36688 SVG to PDF - Input SVG file isn’t closedPDFNEWNET-36709 When adding an image to PDF, the page is appearing as blankPDFNEWNET-36713 Program ends abronmally when trying to open PDF filePDFNEWNET-36715 Image to PDF - unable to add image with read-only rightsPDFNEWNET-36716 Setting IsKeptWithNext to true hide textPDFNEWNET-36731 Unable to extract attachments from PDF filePDFNEWNET-36736 Performance issue while converting pdf to imagePDFNEWNET-36742 Strange text extracted using TextAbsorberPDFNEWNET-36757 PDF to Excel: output xls file is not being opened in Open Office.PDFNEWNET-36758 PDF to Excel: output xls file opening issue in MS officePDFNEWNET-36786 TIFF to PDF conversion produces broken PDF layoutPDFNEWNET-36805 TextStamp - Resultant file size is larger than input PDF