Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.5.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with the following improvements.

New Features

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with the following improvements.

PDFNEWNET-35710 - Implement IsHtmlTagSupported property in TextFragment class PDFNEWNET-36908 -  Remove Extended Rights feature from the PDF PDFNEWNET-37133 - Add support for Pdf measurement tool PDFNEWNET-37135 - PDF to HTML - Save HTML,CSS,Image, Font resources in Stream object PDFNEWNET-37199  - Get form field limit


PDFNEWNET-33326 - Expanded Bookmarks when opening the PDF documents PDFNEWNET-34718 - PDF to DOC: output document is 10 times larger PDFNEWNET-35804 - Adding HTML string using Aspose.PDF namespace(DOM) PDFNEWNET-36403 - PDFNEWNET-35748 Several other types of Shapes absent in new GeneratorExceptions PDFNEWNET-34921 - PDF to XPS: Exception during conversion PDFNEWNET-35979 - HTML to PDF - OutOfMemoryException during conversion PDFNEWNET-36295 - HTMl to PDF - FormatException during conversion PDFNEWNET-36300 - HTML to PDF - Table and its content do not appear properly PDFNEWNET-36301 - HTML to PDF - The UL list items appear in small font PDFNEWNET-36302 - HTML to PDF - Table borders do not appear in resultant PDF PDFNEWNET-36410 - ArgumentNullException when setting ColumnAdjustment type as AutoFitToContent PDFNEWNET-36541 - PDF to XPS - IndexOutOfRangeException during conversion PDFNEWNET-37017 - Filling an image field results ArgumentException PDFNEWNET-37109 - OutOfMemoryException while linearizing PDF file PDFNEWNET-37129 - Document saving throws ArgumentException PDFNEWNET-37157 - StackOverflowException when trying to read PDF file information PDFNEWNET-37177 - PDF to TIFF - Exception during conversion PDFNEWNET-37179 - Exception while saving the PDF file PDFNEWNET-37210 - Deleting page from a newly created PDF throws ArgumentException PDFNEWNET-37218 - NullReferenceException while loading PDF file PDFNEWNET-37237 - Exception while concatenating PDF files PDFNEWNET-35710 - Implement IsHtmlTagSupported property in TextFragment class PDFNEWNET-36908 - Remove Extended Rights feature from the PDF PDFNEWNET-37133 - Add support for Pdf measurement tool PDFNEWNET-37135 - PDF to HTML - Save HTML,CSS,Image, Font resources in Stream objectBugs PDFNEWNET-29636 - Table contents are rendered over the page’s bottom margin PDFNEWNET-32895 - HTML2PDF: Converted file has alot of spaces and empty page PDFNEWNET-33506 - HTML to PDF Conversion issues PDFNEWNET-33733 - Corrupted DOC file when generated from PDF document PDFNEWNET-33782 - Document becomes corrupted after applying compression PDFNEWNET-34696 - PDF to Word: Unable to open converted document in Word 2003 PDFNEWNET-34888 - Wrong font for accented characters, after PDF converted to Word PDFNEWNET-34987 - Text Replace:- Text is overlapping to contents on right PDFNEWNET-35016 - PDF to HTML :- Contents on resultant HTML are missing PDFNEWNET-35021 - method hang while converting Html file to Pdf PDFNEWNET-35536 - HTML to PDF conversion throws exception when encounter unsupported font PDFNEWNET-35546 - HTML to PDF text splits over two lines. PDFNEWNET-35623 - HTML to PDF formatting issue. PDFNEWNET-35633 - HTML to PDF - Not all contents are visible PDFNEWNET-35634 - HTML to PDF - Double underline not rendered resultant file PDFNEWNET-35704 - HTML to PDF - Incorrect output file PDFNEWNET-35844 - HTML to PDF: line break tag <br> or <br> effect left margin PDFNEWNET-35892 - PDF to TIFF: background image is not being rendered PDFNEWNET-35980 - HTML to PDF - Unable to convert HTML to PDF format PDFNEWNET-35999 - HTML to PDF: inline CSS style adds linebreak PDFNEWNET-36106 - HTML to PDF: Large HTML conversion issue PDFNEWNET-36108 - HTML to PDF - Image is being placed on subsequent page PDFNEWNET-36131 - HTML to PDF - Resultant file is blank PDFNEWNET-36293 - HTML to PDF - Table going beyond Page width PDFNEWNET-36312 - Printing - Margin information for printout is not being honored PDFNEWNET-36381 - Unable to set text margin when using IsHtmlTagSupported PDFNEWNET-36431 - PDF to HTML - conversion process takes longer time PDFNEWNET-36440 - Text replacement creates formatting isuse PDFNEWNET-36463 - PDF to Image - Image crops if Resolution value is increased PDFNEWNET-36556 - Text replace leaves an extra space  PDFNEWNET-36635 - Problem to validate converted PDF to PDF/A PDFNEWNET-36640 - PngDevice.Process cutting off image PDFNEWNET-36760 - SVG to PDF conversion: Image is being rendered incorrectly PDFNEWNET-36818 - Incorrect page dimensions are being returned PDFNEWNET-36891 - HTML to PDF - Only contents iside Body tag are appearing in PDF PDFNEWNET-36953 - HTML to PDF: border is being added around hyperlink PDFNEWNET-36996 - Quality of Image added to PDF is not good PDFNEWNET-37038 - Missing Link Annotation Action PDFNEWNET-37048 - Problem when creating Pdf from SVG in multitasking operations PDFNEWNET-37060 - HTML to PDF: incorrect formatting PDFNEWNET-37062 - Error embedding files to PDF PDFNEWNET-37079 - Form field is inacessable PDFNEWNET-37087 - PDF size increases after optimization PDFNEWNET-37094 - PDF to PDFA1b: resultant document does not compliance PDFA1b standards PDFNEWNET-37120 - JpegDevice input width does not match the output width PDFNEWNET-37128 - Newly created form crashes while editing in Adobe Acrobat PDFNEWNET-37149 - PDF to TIFF: Compression type RLE always generates 1bpp format PDFNEWNET-37153 - Duplicate type SmartAssembly.Attributes when using multiple Aspose API’s together PDFNEWNET-37154 - Some form fields are not populated PDFNEWNET-37155 - PDF to PDF/A - Colors are changing in resultnat file PDFNEWNET-37166 - XSL-FO to PDF - resultant file shows incorrect PDF prodcuer value PDFNEWNET-37169 - PDF to text: extraction of duplicate characters PDFNEWNET-37170 - PDF to text: bullets are being extracted as special characters. PDFNEWNET-37174 - Header text left Alignment issue PDFNEWNET-37175 - PDF to PDFA1b: PDFA1b compliance issue PDFNEWNET-37187 - PDF to Excel - Blank column is not being honored PDFNEWNET-37198 - HTML to PDF: link in HTML is being rendered with an extra rectangle around it PDFNEWNET-37206 - PDF file size increases when trying to compress it PDFNEWNET-37215 - SetPageSize() ignored if any Text added to the page PDFNEWNET-37216 - PDF file size increases when we try compressing it PDFNEWNET-37217 - Multiline text stamp alignment issue

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • Property CoordinateType was added to PdfViewer and PdfConverter The CoordinateType property allows to set printable area to MediaBox or CropBox (default value)SetFieldImage method was added to XFA class: public void SetFieldImage(string fieldName, Stream image)

Example: Following code snippet shows how to set image for XFA form field:

 Document doc = new Document("doc.pdf");

FileStream fs = new FileStream("image.jpg", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);

doc.Form.XFA.SetFieldImage("form1[0].ImageField1[0]", fs);

  • ReplaceAdjustment enumeration was added into TextReplaceOptions class and provides the following values:
 None - No action, length of the line may be changed

AdjustSpaceWidth - Try to adjust spaces between words to keep line length
  • ReplaceAdjustmentAction property was added into TextReplaceOptions class 
  • TextReplaceOptions class has new constructor that allows to set ReplaceAdjustment  parameter
  • TextReplaceOptions property was added into TextFragmentAbsorber class
  • Ellipse class was implemented: 

public Ellipse(float left, float bottom, float width, float height)


Left - float value that indicates the left position of the ellipse.

Bottom - float value that indicates the bottom position of the ellipse.

Width - float value that indicates the width of the ellipse.

Height - float value that indicates the height of the ellipse.

Example: Following code snippet shows how to add Ellipse

 string outFile = "Ellipse.pdf";

Document doc =  new Document();

Page page = doc.Pages.Add();

Graph canvas =  new Graph(400, 100);


Ellipse ellipse1 = new Ellipse(50, 10, 100, 50);


  • Path class was implemented 

public Path()public Path(Shape[] shapes)


Shapes - shapes collection


following code snippet shows how o add Path:

Document doc = new Document();

Page page = doc.Pages.Add();

Graph graph = new Graph(100, 400);


Path path =  new Path();

path.GraphInfo.FillColor = Color.Red;


Line line = new Line(new float[] { 200, 80, 200, 100 });


Arc arc = new Arc(200, 50, 50, 90, 270);


float[] curPos = arc.GetEndPosition();

line = new Line(new float[] { curPos[0], curPos[1], 200, 20 });path.Shapes.Add(line);

arc =  new Arc(200, 50, 30, 270, 90);


  • HtmlFragment class was added into namespace Aspose.PDF

public HtmlFragment(string text)


text - HTML text


\- HTML text

Example:Following code snippet shows how to add HTML fragment:

Document doc = new Document();

Page page = doc.Pages.Add();

HtmlFragment titel = new HtmlFragment("&lt;fontsize=10&gt;&lt;b&gt;&lt;i&gt;Table&lt;/i&gt;&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/fontsize&gt;");

titel.IsKeptWithNext = true;

titel.Margin.Bottom = 10;

titel.Margin.Top = 200;


  • ContainsUsageRights()  method was added into PdfFileSignature  class 
  • RemoveUsageRights()  method was added into PdfFileSignature  class

Example: Following code shows how to remove usage rights feature from the document

 using (PdfFileSignature pdfSign = new PdfFileSignature())


   string inputFile = @"c:\36908.pdf";

   string outputFile = @"c:\36908_output.pdf";


   if (pdfSign.ContainsUsageRights())





  • IsContainSignature method was renamed into ContainsSignature
    • The previous method name was not removed but marked as obsolete to be removed in future.
  • IsCoversWholeDocument method was renamed into CoversWholeDocument 
    • The previous method name was not removed but marked as obsolete to be removed in future. 
  • Measure members of Measure class

public Measure(Annotation annotation)


ScaleRatio - A text string expressing the scale ratio of the drawing.

XFormat - A number format array for measurement of change along the xaxis and, if Y is not present, along the y axis as well

YFormat - A number format array for measurement of change along the y axis.

DistanceFormat - A number format array for measurement of distance in any direction.

AreaFormat - A number format array for measurement of area.

AngleFormat - A number format array for measurement of angles.

SlopeFormat - A number format array for measurement of the slope of a line.

Origin - Point that shall specify the origin of the measurement coordinate system in default user space coordinates.

XYFactor - A factor that shall be used to convert the largest units along the y axis to the largest units along the x axis.
  • NumberFormat class was added into Measure class the class represents Number format for the measure. 

public NumberFormat(Measure measure)


UnitLabel - A text string specifying a label for displaying the units.

ConvresionFactor - The conversion factor used to multiply a value in partial units of the previous number format array element to obtain a value in the units of this number format.

FractionDisplayment - In what manner fractional values are displayed.

Precision - If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsDecimal, this value is precision of fractional value; It shall me multiple of 10. Default is 100.

Denominator - If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsFraction, this value is denominator of the fraction. Default value is 16.

ForceDenominator - If FractionDisplayment is ShowAsFraction, this value determines meay or not the fraction be reduced. If value is true fraction may not be reduced.

ThousandsSeparator - Text that shall be used between orders of thousands in display of numerical values. An empty string indicates that no text shall be added. Default is comma.

FractionSeparator - Text that shall be used as the decimal position in displaying numerical values. An empty string indicates that the default shall be used. Default is period character.

BeforeText - Text that shall be concatenated to the left of the label.

AfterText - Text that shall be concatenated after the label
  • Enumeration FractionStyle was added into NumberFormat. Its values are as follows.
 FractionStyle values:

ShowAsDecimal - Show fractional values as decimal fraction.

ShowAsFraction - Show fractional value as fraction.

Round - Round fractional values to the nearest whole integer.

Truncate - Truncate to achieve whole units. 
  • NumberFormatList class was added into Measure class. It represents the a list of number formats. 

public NumberFormatList(Measure measure)Properties

Adds number format to list.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

public void Insert(int index, NumberFormat value)

public void RemoveAt(int index)     //Removes number format from list.
  • Measure property was added to LineAnnotation and PolyLineAnnotation classes.


Following example demonstrates how to use Measure with LineAnnotation:

 Document doc = new Document("source.pdf");

Rectangle rect =  new Rectangle(260, 630, 451, 662);

LineAnnotation line = new LineAnnotation(doc.Pages[1], rect, new Point(266, 657), new Point(446, 656));

line.Color = Color.Red;

line.LeaderLine = -15;line.LeaderLineExtension = 5;

line.StartingStyle = LineEnding.OpenArrow;

line.EndingStyle = LineEnding.OpenArrow;

line.Measure = new Measure(line);

line.Measure.DistanceFormat = new Measure.NumberFormatList(line.Measure);

line.Measure.DistanceFormat.Add(new Measure.NumberFormat(line.Measure));

line.Measure.DistanceFormat[1].UnitLabel = "mm";

line.Measure.DistanceFormat[1].FractionSeparator = ".";

line.Measure.DistanceFormat[1].ConvresionFactor = 1;

line.Contents = "155 mm";

line.ShowCaption = true;

line.CaptionPosition = CaptionPosition.Top;



Following example demonstrates how to use Measure with PolylineAnnotation: 

 Document doc = new Document("source.pdf");

Point[] vertices =  new Point[]{new Point(100, 600),new Point(500, 600),new Point(500, 500), new Point(400, 300),new Point(100, 500),new Point(100, 600)};

Rectangle rect =  new Rectangle(100, 500, 500, 600);

PolylineAnnotation area = new PolylineAnnotation(doc.Pages[1], rect, vertices);

area.Color = Color.Red;

area.StartingStyle = LineEnding.OpenArrow;

area.EndingStyle = LineEnding.OpenArrow;

area.Measure =  new Measure(area);

area.Measure.DistanceFormat = new Measure.NumberFormatList(area.Measure);

area.Measure.DistanceFormat.Add(new Measure.NumberFormat(area.Measure));

area.Measure.DistanceFormat[1].UnitLabel ="mm";


doc.Save( "output.pdf"));

Following code snippet demonstrates how to read Measure properties:

 Document doc = new Document("measure.pdf");

Console.WriteLine((doc.Pages[1].Annotations[1] as LineAnnotation).Measure.ScaleRatio);

Console.WriteLine((doc.Pages[1].Annotations[1] as LineAnnotation).Measure.AreaFormat[1].UnitLabel);

Console.WriteLine((doc.Pages[1].Annotations[1] as LineAnnotation).Measure.AreaFormat[1].ConvresionFactor);

Console.WriteLine((doc.Pages[1].Annotations[1] as LineAnnotation).Measure.AreaFormat[1].FractionSeparator);