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Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.7.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

PDFNEWNET-35794 To create internal link to already attached filesPDFNEWNET-36519 Ximage Save method ignores resolution parameter

PDFNEWNET-37240 PDF to HTML - set resultant file size (dimensions)

PDFNEWNET-37398 Support PDF to PDF/A-2A conversion



PDFNEWNET-30745 FontStyles enumeration should have property to set formatting as UnderlinePDFNEWNET-35376 Add SVG object to table cell

PDFNEWNET-35386 Grouping annotation is not supported using ImportAnnotationsFromXfdf

PDFNEWNET-37348 How to add choice option in combobox field

PDFNEWNET-37483 Pdf to text: space between text increased

PDFNEWNET-37528 XSL-FO border-width property


PDFNEWNET-33685 NullReferenceException is occurring when binding to HTML file twicePDFNEWNET-37106 Problem setting license in COM/ActiveX

PDFNEWNET-37321 An error is being generated when trying to find the text inside PDF file

PDFNEWNET-37347 PDF to PDF/A: API throws ArgumentExcetion- corrupt contents message

PDFNEWNET-37367 Exception while getting text from Header/Footer of PDF

PDFNEWNET-37379 TextBuilder constructor throws NullReferneceException

PDFNEWNET-37381 PDF to JPEG - OutOfMemory error during conversion

PDFNEWNET-37421 Exception handling: strange exception arises in case of file not found scenario

PDFNEWNET-37423 NullReferenceException when executing code

PDFNEWNET-37426 Exception handling: strange exception arises in case of corrupt xps file

PDFNEWNET-37500 PDF to HTML: throwing exception IndexOutOfRangeException was unhandled


PDFNEWNET-34204 Tables resizing when converting from html to pdfPDFNEWNET-34233 Image Generation from PDF is very slow

PDFNEWNET-35041 Bug in text extraction position

PDFNEWNET-35070 Line Break is not working in TextFragment

PDFNEWNET-35606 Replacing string overlaps existing text

PDFNEWNET-35651 Position issue of replaced text

PDFNEWNET-35920 HTML to PDF - Unicode text is not appearing properly

PDFNEWNET-35934 Annotation Pop Ups not displaying correctly on nuance pdf

PDFNEWNET-36013 Formatting lost while replace text using TextFragmentAbsorber

PDFNEWNET-36220 Problem using PdfFileMend

PDFNEWNET-36237 PDF to DOC/DOCX : Unexpected data reflects on console

PDFNEWNET-36266 Overlapping of text in when replacing URLs

PDFNEWNET-36374 Concatenation replace font and loses line feed

PDFNEWNET-36740 HTML to PDF - Text box not allowing more than 500 characters

PDFNEWNET-36794 XSL-FO - Table Header is not repeating over consecutive pages

PDFNEWNET-36923 System.OutOfMemoryException in PDF to PNG conversion

PDFNEWNET-36965 HTMl to PDF - unable to render HTML containing radio button to PDF

PDFNEWNET-37089 Watermark text stamp affecting the main body of a pdf page

PDFNEWNET-37256 PDF to TIFF: CCITT4 compression loses the blue text signatures/date

PDFNEWNET-37371 Unable to get Text from Header / Footer

PDFNEWNET-37389 PDF license setting time increased

PDFNEWNET-37407 Generated PDF table has absent column on second page

PDFNEWNET-37429 Document() method hangs

PDFNEWNET-37445 Pdf cuts off after running it through PdfPageEditor class

PDFNEWNET-37446 Image to PDF: multipage Tiff image is not rendering completely

PDFNEWNET-37470 PDF to Image: loses PolygonAnnotation

PDFNEWNET-37482 PDF to XLS - Columns are not being honored during conversion

PDFNEWNET-37486 PDF to Image: loses StrikeOutAnnotation in resultant image

PDFNEWNET-37488 Extended Rights feature is lost when manipulating document

PDFNEWNET-37544 PDF to HTML - Generate single HTML and save output in Stream