Aspose.PDF for .NET 9.8.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New Features

PDFNEWNET-34392 HTML to PDF Support CSS3

PDFNEWNET-36319 Disable files compression when adding as embedded resources

PDFNEWNET-37502 Support Rectangle fill with some color

PDFNEWNET-30943 Insert a Page Break between rows of table in existing PDF document

PDFNEWNET-29097 Inherit zoom while creating or editing bookmarks

PDFNEWNET-36004 Support to control footnote line

PDFNEWNET-37492 When viewing PDF file, bookmarks should be expanded

PDFNEWNET-36704 Support of generating multi-layered PDF

PDFNEWNET-25741 Search text by rules (regex) and replace it with some link


PDFNEWNET-33324 Can not convert a PDF to TIFF B&W Gr4. compression - 300dpi

PDFNEWNET-37525 Feature to override Footnote method to define customize label.

PDFNEWNET-32106 Improve the performance while converting PDF file to Image

PDFNEWNET-35378 HTML to PDF - Initial conversion attempt is Slow then subsequent calls

PDFNEWNET-37425 PDF to Excel: Saving output excel file as xml to avoid warning messages in MS Excel version 2007 and higher

PDFNEWNET-37368 PDF to Excel: Multiline cell data in PDF is exported in separate excel cells for each line

PDFNEWNET-37521 InlineParagraph functionality requirement in new generator

PDFNEWNET-37406 PdfViewer: printing different page range to different paper sourceTrays


PDFNEWNET-36869 XPS to PDF conversion fails

PDFNEWNET-36872 XPS to PDF - Conversion fails

PDFNEWNET-33746 Removing signature from a PDF

PDFNEWNET-30055 NullReferenceException whlie converting PDF to TIFF

PDFNEWNET-37513 NullRefereneException thrown while opening attached PDF document

PDFNEWNET-37250 HTML to PDF - NullReference Exception while converting HTML to PDF

PDFNEWNET-36612 HTML to PDF - System.StackOverflowException during conversion

PDFNEWNET-37680 PDF to PDFA1b throws OutOfMemoryException

PDFNEWNET-37693 HtmlFragment throws exception if html text expands from page height

PDFNEWNET-37504 PdfFileInfo constructor is unable to initialize due to NullReferenceException

PDFNEWNET-37659 Text Replace is generating IndexOutOfRangeException


PDFNEWNET-37296 PDF to PNG: Chinese characters are distorted

PDFNEWNET-23977 Concatenating XFA forms is not allowed.

PDFNEWNET-23543 Hyperlinks not working when the files are concatenated

PDFNEWNET-35437 PDF to HTML conversion issue

PDFNEWNET-35575 Tiff to PDF conversion: all pages are not rendered properly

PDFNEWNET-29352 Linearized file is corrupted after save

PDFNEWNET-36235 HTML to PDF inline approach results an empty Pdf for

PDFNEWNET-32089 Very Slow printing v6.4.2

PDFNEWNET-33100 File size problem after replacing text in existing PDF document

PDFNEWNET-37370 Performance difference when using AddStamp()

PDFNEWNET-35629 Incorrect endnote style

PDFNEWNET-37549 An empty page is created after converting stream to image using PdfConverter

PDFNEWNET-37606 TextFragment Annotation characters overlap issue

PDFNEWNET-37624 PDF to PDFA: PDFA compliance fails

PDFNEWNET-37722 Problem detecting page orientation

PDFNEWNET-37694 Setting page zoom factor disappears page contents

PDFNEWNET-37430 Updating ModDate property in incremental save

PDFNEWNET-36959 PDF to TIFF - Contents missing in resultant file

PDFNEWNET-37547 DOM generates strange ID for PDF files

PDFNEWNET-37582 Text repalce - TextFragment bounding box width is cut in half

PDFNEWNET-37468 HtmlFragment does not work properly in Header/Footer

PDFNEWNET-33210 Part of Header watermark Text is missing over some PDF files

PDFNEWNET-36586 HTML to PDF conversion doesn’t render radio buttons, produces other formatting issues

PDFNEWNET-33542 Hyperlink Creation Issue

PDFNEWNET-33564 Replace text is not working properly

PDFNEWNET-33586 Printing to a postscript printer

PDFNEWNET-35114 Carriage Return and line feed both are not working in replace text

PDFNEWNET-37209 Import FDF data issue

PDFNEWNET-33805 #$NP symbol is not working when IsHtmlTagSupported is set to True

PDFNEWNET-34206 Underline formatting is being lost during PDF to HTML conversion

PDFNEWNET-34226 Conversion to XPS has the RTL issue

PDFNEWNET-36560 PDF to XPS: An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in System.Drawing.dll

PDFNEWNET-34287 DefaultFontName not working in XSLT

PDFNEWNET-37408 Cell contents flowing out of border

PDFNEWNET-37558 HTML to PDF - CSS formatting is not being honored during conversion

PDFNEWNET-36016 SetPageSize method doesn’t set the page size.

PDFNEWNET-36462 Printing PDF with embedded font is not generating correct output

PDFNEWNET-37655 Image used for SignatureAppearance cannot be deleted after singing the document

PDFNEWNET-30640 line break is not being honored during text extraction from PDF document

PDFNEWNET-37605 PdfFileInfo can’t detect filetype (open/edit password) the files, encrypted with GPL Ghostscript 8.64

PDFNEWNET-37499 TextFragmentAbsorber: space of replaced text is not adjusted


PDFNEWNET-37384 Text stamp is not honoring Italic font style with Polish characters with Helvetica font

PDFNEWNET-37158 PDF to TIFF - Resultant files are blank

PDFNEWNET-37699 Modifying PDF with large pagesize(A1) results into A4 size PDF

PDFNEWNET-37290 PDF corrupted while extracting the pages

PDFNEWNET-37646 Multiple HtmlFragments do not flow to next page

PDFNEWNET-37743 Issue in creating TOC for a PDF that has both portrait and landscape pages

PDFNEWNET-37741 Usage of of multiple HtmlFragments objects