Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.0.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

New FeaturesPDFNEWNET-37103 Setting user-agent string supportPDFNEWNET-36160 Setting User agent stringPDFNEWNET-35645 Page Break in existing PDFPDFNEWNET-36338 Setting Header/Footer once for new PDF documentEnhancementsPDFNEWNET-37952 PDF to HTML: support of stream parameter in CustomeHtmlSavingStrategyPDFNEWNET-37374 Specify attachment file parameters in FileSpecification classPDFNEWNET-37305 XSL-FO to PDF conversion quality issuePDFNEWNET-37333 PCL to PDF: NullReferenceException is raisedPDFNEWNET-37236 TIFF to PDF - Resultant PDF is too largeExceptionsPDFNEWNET-37358 PDF to HTML conversion generates errorPDFNEWNET-37792 PDF to HTML - NullReferenceException is being generatedPDFNEWNET-33815 Unexpected Exception is being generated by PdfFileMendPDFNEWNET-37963 API throws NullRefeneceException on save()PDFNEWNET-37921 System.ArgumentException: The rectangle size can not be larger page sizePDFNEWNET-35492 Getting an error when using autofiller.ImportDataTable()BugsPDFNEWNET-37898 PDF file is not properly being converted to PDF/A_1a formatPDFNEWNET-37760 PDF to HTML - Impossible to convert multiple pages of the same document in multiple threads to HTMLPDFNEWNET-37706 HTML to PDF - Trouble with tables and text-wrappingPDFNEWNET-36216 HTML to PDF: Web Page to PDF conversion results ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionPDFNEWNET-37712 PDF to HTML: Font caching is not working properlyPDFNEWNET-37744 PDF to HTML - Extra boxes appear in resultant filePDFNEWNET-37845 Incorrect TextSegment.Rectangle valuesPDFNEWNET-37844 When replacing text, contents overlap in resultant filePDFNEWNET-37915 Optimizing PDF document causes image to be removedPDFNEWNET-34452 Formatting Issues when converting HTML to PDFPDFNEWNET-37364 PDF to DOC: Space between text is increasedPDFNEWNET-34839 Pdf document Cutts off, while Converting HTML to PdfPDFNEWNET-33318 PdfFileMend is not producing correct resultsPDFNEWNET-34173 ExtractText() concatenate the letters in the extracted TextPDFNEWNET-34521 Only Extract Text from PDF which is ‘Marked for redaction"PDFNEWNET-37306 Watermark text is selectablePDFNEWNET-37718 Issue with radio buttons when index and value do not matchPDFNEWNET-37930 Ellipse.Bottom not being respectedPDFNEWNET-37824 HTML to PDF - Conversion process hangsPDFNEWNET-37877 HtmlFragment hangs the process with large htmlPDFNEWNET-36946 HTML to PDF - PDF is not being geneatedPDFNEWNET-35423 Title of PDF is not being set when setting conformance to PdfA1APDFNEWNET-35503 Autofiller throwing exception while saving to some strem or diskPDFNEWNET-37458 TIF to PDF - Memory consumption increases by 600MBPDFNEWNET-36392 PDF to HTML: OCR-Converted PDF text is not aligned/grouped to image.PDFNEWNET-37588 Image to PDF: output PDF file is approx 6 time larger than input image