Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.2.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.


PDFNEWNET-38089 Support for PDF contents Redaction is requiredPDFNEWNET-38224 Support LinkPageNumber property for TextFragment objectPDFNEWNET-33783 HTML to PDF conversion - Line break issuePDFNEWNET-33871 HTML to PDF conversion - Formatting IssuesEnhancements

PDFNEWNET-37589 Hyperlink feature in TextSegmentPDFNEWNET-35260 While converting TIFF to PDF, resultant file is much largerPDFNEWNET-34690 HTML to PDF: Suppress unsupported html tags exceptionPDFNEWNET-37779 Support of relative path in HTML to PDF conversionPDFNEWNET-38117 TextSegment should support hyperlink propertyPDFNEWNET-37422 HTML to PDF: support of absolute value of CSS position propertyPDFNEWNET-38195 To get rectangle of Cell TextExceptions

PDFNEWNET-36243 NotImplementedException during XFA to Standard Acro form conversionPDFNEWNET-37793 PDF to HTML - IndexOutOfRangeException during conversionPDFNEWNET-35674 PDF to PDFA_2B conversion issuePDFNEWNET-33639 Parameter is not valid exception is being generated during HTML to PDF conversionPDFNEWNET-37656 PDF to HTML - IndexOutOfRangeException during conversionPDFNEWNET-34063 PDF to JPEG Conversion: Corrupt content. Could not recognize illegal characters ExceptionBugs

PDFNEWNET-38053 Wrong Text Extraction from XPS DocumentPDFNEWNET-37836 PDF to PDF/A-2A compliance failsPDFNEWNET-38081 PDF to HTML - Text is Displaced in resultant HTMLPDFNEWNET-37556 PDF to DOC: text is misplacedPDFNEWNET-37559 PDF to HTML - text is overlapping in resultant filePDFNEWNET-38120 CircleAnnotation disappears when flattening the documentPDFNEWNET-38119 SquareAnnotation missing from flattened documentPDFNEWNET-38106 LineAnnotations missing from flattened documentPDFNEWNET-32407 hangs upPDFNEWNET-34782 Font embedded became true after savePDFNEWNET-33855 Multipage TIFF to PDF conversion - Images size issuePDFNEWNET-38073 Incorrect page count being returnedPDFNEWNET-35342 When using SetPageSize(..), the page gets croppedPDFNEWNET-34076 Text formatting is lost when converting HTML file to PDFPDFNEWNET-34109 HTML to PDF conversion formatting issues.PDFNEWNET-34178 Formatting issues during HTML to PDF conversionPDFNEWNET-34464 HTML to PDF conversion problemPDFNEWNET-34680 Problem loading/formatting pdf via html and css inlinePDFNEWNET-34691 HTML to PDF: Resultant PDF is 0KBPDFNEWNET-37994 PDF to HTML - Contents in resultant file are upside downPDFNEWNET-34954 HTML to PDF: Page contents go beyond right page marginPDFNEWNET-34111 Convert HTML to PDF not respecting CSS/ IsFitToPagePDFNEWNET-34684 HTML to PDF: Single table is split into multiple tablesPDFNEWNET-34685 HTML to PDF: Table cell data is splitting over two pagesPDFNEWNET-34682 HTML to PDF: Bottom border is missing in last row of tablePDFNEWNET-34683 HTML to PDF: Top border is missing in first row of table in subsequent pagesPDFNEWNET-35430 HTML to PDF - Dotted Underline in HTML not visible in PDFPDFNEWNET-35438 HTML to PDF rendering issue, text goes off the pagePDFNEWNET-32723 Text Fragments Not Being Fully ReplacedPDFNEWNET-36447 HTML to PDF - Some objects are not appearing on correct locationPDFNEWNET-35417 PDF Read Out Loud is not working properly when PDF is Creating with PdfConformance.PdfA1APDFNEWNET-35585 Text replace feature is not working when Regional settings are TurkishPDFNEWNET-38260 TextFragmentAbsorber gets wrong coordinates of seached TextPDFNEWNET-32136 Strange output when converting html to pdfPDFNEWNET-36466 Replace text changes space between charactersPDFNEWNET-38188 Text Replace is not workingPDFNEWNET-38168 CPU usage rises to 100% while using TextAbsorber in Multi-threaded envoirnmentPDFNEWNET-38278 Incorrect page count in TOCPDFNEWNET-30397 Printed output is not good qualityPDFNEWNET-38196 ProcessParagraphs() method does not update table cell contentsPDFNEWNET-38128 Unexpected behavior of GetHashCode() method of CommandParameterCache classPDFNEWNET-34572 Bug Converting PDF to PNG (Some Characters are missing)PDFNEWNET-32039 Thai text get lost and scrambbled when converting PDF pages as imagesPDFNEWNET-32318 Text replace and add image feature increases the PDF file sizePDFNEWNET-35507 Watermark not showing on resultant PDF