Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.6.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.

FeaturesPDFNEWNET-36686 Convert a pdf to PDF/A-3 with compliance-level (3a, 3b, 3u)PDFNEWNET-16222 Converting a PDF from RGB colorspace to GrayscalePDFNEWNET-36802 Read/manipulate tables in existing PDF documentEnhancementsPDFNEWNET-38500 XML to PDF: Working with individual objects in new generatorPDFNEWNET-38865 Support of IsVerticalBroken poperty in new generatorPDFNEWNET-38613 Clear() method in PageCollection in new generatorExceptionsPDFNEWNET-38203 Saving attached Pdf files throw InvalidOperations exceptionBugsPDFNEWNET-34344 Html5 supportPDFNEWNET-38035 Polyline Annotation background issue on export to imagePDFNEWNET-38176 PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file is not compliantPDFNEWNET-33759 Tables containing HTML Lists (OL/UL), Table-Cells overwrite footersPDFNEWNET-37925 PDF to JPEG - Image on first page is turned upside downPDFNEWNET-38605 PDF to HTML - No text layer in HTML produced from a PDFPDFNEWNET-38662 PDF to HTML - Text appears as ImagePDFNEWNET-37698 PDF to HTML - Text layer is not present in HTMLPDFNEWNET-38773 EPUB to PDF - Contents truncated from the right sidePDFNEWNET-38774 PDF to HTML - Images in resultant HTML are corruptedPDFNEWNET-38394 PDF to HTML - RTL words are broken into characters in HTMLPDFNEWNET-38395 PDF to TIFF - Data is lost in resultnat imagePDFNEWNET-38625 PDF to TIFF - Data is lost in resultant imagePDFNEWNET-37973 Unable to get Link destinationsPDFNEWNET-37130 HTML to PDF - Table border and title/caption are missingPDFNEWNET-38380 HTML to PDF - Issue with vertical line spacingPDFNEWNET-38639 PDF to HTML: TOC in HTML shifted IEPDFNEWNET-38822 Paragraph formatting issue in FloatingBoxPDFNEWNET-38356 Saving PDF results in data lostPDFNEWNET-38133 HTML to PDF conversion results blank PDFPDFNEWNET-38397 Combo box text is being rendering incorrectly while flattening the PDF formPDFNEWNET-38609 Footnote does note render correctly with Font settingsPDFNEWNET-38352 HTML to PDF does not preserve whitespace and word wrappingPDFNEWNET-36994 XML+XSLT to PDF: Hyphen causing wrapping issuesPDFNEWNET-38603 PDF to HTML: Text is being positioned incorrect in header part of HTMLPDFNEWNET-38601 PDF to HTML: Text is being positioned incorrect in header part of HTMLPDFNEWNET-38690 Incorrect Arabic text being extactedPDFNEWNET-38788 PDF to Doc: Extra lines in table’s captions