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Aspose.PDF for .NET 10.9.0

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for .NET with following improvements.


  • PDFNEWNET-39323 Support to add hyperlink to TextSegment
  • PDFNEWNET-34401 Underline words are saved in an outer image file instead of being saved as CSS.(Hebrew PDF to HTML conversion)
  • PDFNEWNET-36388 PDF to HTML - Underline text information is not included in style.css Exceptions
  • PDFNEWNET-39201 NullReferenceException during files concatenation
  • PDFNEWNET-39437 API throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when adding second TextFragment with starting with space using InlineParagraph
  • PDFNEWNET-37856 Exception when trying to call Optimize() method
  • PDFNEWNET-39417 ArgumentOutOfRangeException when adding TextFragment to PDF file Bugs
  • PDFNEWNET-39308 Performance issue in 9.1.0 and 10.7.0
  • PDFNEWNET-33616 PDF Alignment Issues with XSL-FO to PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-35589 PDF to XPS - resultant file is not showing contents
  • PDFNEWNET-36336 Non-Egnlish characters are not appearing properly
  • PDFNEWNET-37925 PDF to JPEG - Image on first page is turned upside down
  • PDFNEWNET-37947 XML+XSLT to PDF: “-“character cause invalid PDF
  • PDFNEWNET-38257 Attachment name is not being updated
  • PDFNEWNET-38425 Fonts are not being Optimized when concatenating PDF files
  • PDFNEWNET-38495 CallBackGetHocr is not working
  • PDFNEWNET-38737 PDF to PDFA1b: output is not PDFA1b compliant
  • PDFNEWNET-38775 EPUB to PDF - Conversion process hangs
  • PDFNEWNET-38819 PDF to HTML - Text is overlapped in Header section
  • PDFNEWNET-38852 PDF to PDFA1b compliance issue
  • PDFNEWNET-38887 Heading object with long text is not being wrapped but moves off the top
  • PDFNEWNET-38889 Heading with long text running off the page
  • PDFNEWNET-39060 Colspan and Rowspan properties together in a row are not working properly
  • PDFNEWNET-39115 PDF to HTML - Resultant file is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-39258 PDF to HTML - The output HTML is messed up
  • PDFNEWNET-39262 Margin for image on subsequent page is not correct
  • PDFNEWNET-39305 Title in TOC is Cut and page number is not visible in TOC
  • PDFNEWNET-39322 Inline TextFragments with right alignment results wrong results
  • PDFNEWNET-39336 The inline paragraph is rendered wrong in the table cell
  • PDFNEWNET-39441 FormEditor.Facade.FontSize ignored with custom font
  • PDFNEWNET-38879 Application hangs when trying to place scaled image in Table cell
  • PDFNEWNET-38880 FloatingBox IsInNewPage not working as expected
  • PDFNEWNET-37782 Cells with HtmlFragment text formatting issue
  • PDFNEWNET-39123 Text is not wrapped to subsequent lines when using CharacterSpacing field
  • PDFNEWNET-38116 TextFragmentAbsorber has very slow performance