Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.4.0

Features and Improvements

PDFNEWNET-39400Add and search hidden text in PDF document for post processingNew Feature
PDFNEWNET-38234Using same Page object after ProcessPragraphs() callEnhancement
PDFNEWNET-40255PDF to PDFA conversion throws System.NullReferenceExceptionException
PDFNEWNET-40319ArgumentOutOfRangeException during PDF creationException
PDFNEWNET-39708Issue checking signature information in PDF fileException
PDFNEWNET-39649Exception when trying to convert PDF to ImageException
PDFNEWNET-40241PDF to PDFA3a: appearance for annotations changed to blue rectanglesBug
PDFNEWNET-40059Loading corrupt file with Aspose.PDF casuses infinite loopBug
PDFNEWNET-39523XFA form to standard PDF form conversion throws internal exceptionBug
PDFNEWNET-40223XFA form to standard PDF form conversion throws internal exceptionBug
PDFNEWNET-33518PDF -> PDF/A conversion/validation fails with NullReferenceExceptionBug
PDFNEWNET-40334Formatting of header row (repeat row) in table not maintaining formattingBug
PDFNEWNET-40038Right Alignment of Text is not workingBug
PDFNEWNET-39250Rotate method is not working for FreeTextAnnotationBug
PDFNEWNET-38033PDF/A - PDF with transparency produces incorrect resultsBug
PDFNEWNET-34732Unable to embed font in existing PDF fileBug
PDFNEWNET-40278VerticalInSamePage property of TableBroken enum issue in nested tableBug
PDFNEWNET-40252Footnote larger than a single page drops both page text and
footnote from resultant PDF page
PDFNEWNET-40232Page number is being truncated from second level of Heading in TOCBug
PDFNEWNET-40120HTML to PDF: Radio buttons are rendering incorrecltyBug
PDFNEWNET-40087API throws CrossTableNotFound ExceptionBug
PDFNEWNET-39764PDF to JPEG: resultant images are distortedBug
PDFNEWNET-39620HTML to PDF: CSS Transform property is not supportdBug
PDFNEWNET-39253PDF(generated by Aspose.Slides) to PDFA3BBug
PDFNEWNET-39252PDF(generated by Aspose.Slides) to PDFA3ABug
PDFNEWNET-39251PDF(generated by Aspose.Cells) to PDFA3ABug
PDFNEWNET-38891PDF(with table) to Image conversion adds white border in resultant imageBug
PDFNEWNET-38847API throws NullReferenceException on load a PDF documentBug
PDFNEWNET-38552Saving/manipulating PDF document results in corrupt PDFBug
PDFNEWNET-40251Footnote issue in multi-column PDFBug
PDFNEWNET-40222Page Text and Footnote overlapBug
PDFNEWNET-38753PCL to PDF - PCL Line Termination is ignoredBug
PDFNEWNET-38741PCL to PDF - Special graphics characters are not being honoredBug
PDFNEWNET-40287Unable to save tables with large data in cellsBug
PDFNEWNET-39400Add and search hidden text in PDF document for post processingBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

No public API or backward incompatible changes were introduced in this version.