Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.5.0

Improvements and Changes

PDFNEWNET-37152Get warnings for font substitutionNew Feature
PDFNEWNET-39522How to retrieve form field in tab orderEnhancement
PDFNEWNET-40049Accept method of Page class throws NotImplemented ExceptionException
PDFNEWNET-38575HTML to PDF - Exception during conversionException
PDFNEWNET-38435XPS to PDF: ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The parameter
value must be greater than zero.
PDFNEWNET-40076FontAbsorber object throws ArugmentOutOfRange ExceptionException
PDFNEWNET-38758PDF to PDFA throws OutOfMemoryExceptionException
PDFNEWNET-40202PDF to PDFA: PDFto PDFA file results in out of memory exceptionException
PDFNEWNET-40379Data missing when row spans from one page to nextBug
PDFNEWNET-40047Spacing between Heading user label and heading.TextfragmentsBug
PDFNEWNET-36997Size of PDF is large when adding image to PDFBug
PDFNEWNET-40385Complex large footnote are not rendering correctlyBug
PDFNEWNET-40384Footnote issue in multi-column PDF is not workingBug
PDFNEWNET-40374Footnotes larger than a single page truncate footnote text of
these footnotes except last Footnote
PDFNEWNET-40373Long footnote label causes formatting problemsBug
PDFNEWNET-40356PDF to HTML: signature information is missing in resultant HTMLBug
PDFNEWNET-40355PDF to HTML: data missing in resultant pageBug
PDFNEWNET-40354PDF to HTML: form fields data is missing in resultant HTML pagesBug
PDFNEWNET-40277Issue in different style of UserLable and TextSegment in HeadingBug
PDFNEWNET-40272PDF to HTML: empty HTML is being generatedBug
PDFNEWNET-40271PDF to HTML: contents are missing in the resultant HTMLBug
PDFNEWNET-40210HTML to PDF: InputEncoding property value does not override HTML file encodingBug
PDFNEWNET-39763PDF to HTML: resultant HTML contains distorted imagesBug
PDFNEWNET-39267PDF to PNG: results a scrambled imageBug
PDFNEWNET-34700HTML to PDF: An empty Pdf file is being generated, using URL to Pdf conversionBug
PDFNEWNET-40323PDF to PDF/A_3a - Resultant file is not PDF/A compliantBug
PDFNEWNET-40030Not all fields become flattened in DOM aproachBug
PDFNEWNET-39670Html to PDF conversion is making the url lowercaseBug
PDFNEWNET-38433PDF to PDF/A - Page contents are removed in resultant fileBug