Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.10

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-38067Support DICOM image to PDFNew Feature
PDFNET-35297To set Print Dialog Presets properties of a PDF documentNew Feature
PDFNET-38544Support Vertical Alignment property for Row instanceNew Feature
PDFNET-43057Add image inside PDF - Output is different as compared to old GeneratorEnhancement
PDFNET-42433PDF to SVG content gets shrinkedBug
PDFNET-40060PDF to SVG: incorrect Character spacingBug
PDFNET-41870API does not accept password in foreign languageBug
PDFNET-42928Using CallBackGetHocr results with blank imageBug
PDFNET-37329SVG to PDF: incorrect output with errorsBug
PDFNET-35992PDF to PDFA1b conformance issueBug
PDFNET-38517PDF to Image: image is not being rendered properlyBug
PDFNET-42537Text not getting displayed in browser when saving PDF document to HTMLBug
PDFNET-38591PDF to HTML - space between text increasedBug
PDFNET-42745Incorrect position of parenthesis when saving as HTMLBug
PDFNET-41176PDF to HTML: hidden characters are visibleBug
PDFNET-41140PDF to HTML: chart lines are darkerBug
PDFNET-39490Text Replace - Underline property does not work in text replace functionalBug
PDFNET-39639Remove text underline in a PDF documentBug
PDFNET-42086Problem setting XmpPdfAExtensionValueTypeBug

Public API changes in Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.10

Added APIs:

Property Aspose.PDF.Document.Duplex Constant Aspose.PDF.Facades.ViewerPreference.Simplex Constant Aspose.PDF.Facades.ViewerPreference.DuplexFlipShortEdge Constant Aspose.PDF.Facades.ViewerPreference.DuplexFlipLongEdge Property Aspose.PDF.Image.IsApplyResolution Enumeration field Aspose.PDF.ImageFileType.Dicom Enumeration Aspose.PDF.PrintDuplex Enumeration member Aspose.PDF.PrintDuplex.Simplex Enumeration member Aspose.PDF.PrintDuplex.DuplexFlipShortEdge Enumeration member Aspose.PDF.PrintDuplex.DuplexFlipLongEdge Property Aspose.PDF.Row.VerticalAlignment Property Aspose.PDF.Text.TextEditOptions.ToAttemptGetUnderlineFromSource