Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.2.0

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-42076Set link to FootnoreEnhancement
PDFNET-42050Reference to Newtonsoft in Aspose.PDF for .NET dllEnhancement
PDFNET-41507Opacity property support in WatermarkAnnotaitonEnhancement
PDFNET-41902PDF to PDFA: after conversion some content is missedBug
PDFNET-41151HTML to PDF: resource file is not working from network folderBug
PDFNET-41907PDF to PDFA conversion time and output file size issueBug
PDFNET-41742Aspose PDF Memory Leak when use LocalHyperlinksBug
PDFNET-41455PDF to PDF/A - Problems with the order of objects on certain pagesBug
PDFNET-42054Input stream must be FileStream exception when loading Tex file from streamBug
PDFNET-41910Wrong output - Problem with transparency, the pages are cut into rectanglesBug
PDFNET-41092PDF to PDFA problem with transparent images after conversionBug
PDFNET-40490PDF to PDFA conversion generates a very large file in sizeBug
PDFNET-41528PDF to PDF/A - Missing logo and non compliance outputBug
PDFNET-41527PDF to PDF/A - Resultant file gets corruptedBug
PDFNET-41272PDF/A-1 conversion creates invalid XRef tableBug
PDFNET-41103PDF to PDF/A - WordArt glyph are incorrectly convertedBug
PDFNET-41083Flatten method overlaps PDF file contentsBug
PDFNET-40882PDF to PDF/A_1b - Resultant file is not compliantBug
PDFNET-40586PDF to PDF - Image is removed from documentBug
PDFNET-40316Flatten form field removes dropdown valuesBug
PDFNET-40246HTML to PDF - Image not being loaded from network pathBug
PDFNET-41863Replaceable symbols not working in Page bodyBug
PDFNET-41508Text is cut off when adding artifact or annotation watermark to PDFBug
PDFNET-40874PDF to HTML: links render as plain textBug
PDFNET-42077Table header not being grouped with first rowBug
PDFNET-41587PDF to DOC: Table headers are disappearedBug
PDFNET-41384ComboBoxField value is not preserved when calling flatten() methodBug
PDFNET-41334When converting HTML to PDF, DIV elements in produced PDF not consistentBug
PDFNET-36012PDF to DOCX conversion loses formattingBug