Aspose.PDF for .NET 17.4.0

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-41726The flattened file from XFA form cannot be opened in Chrome or Firefox.Enhancement
PDFNET-41871Create separate local links for duplicate textEnhancement
PDFNET-42307NullReferenceException is thrown when trying to get artifact textException
PDFNET-42308ArgumentException is thrown when trying to get artifact textException
PDFNET-38546Exception when trying to load PDF documentException
PDFNET-37717Exception when trying to get signature namesException
PDFNET-40863Exception thrown when trying to get the names of the fields in a formException
PDFNET-40776PDF to PDFA conversion performance issueBug
PDFNET-42200Failed to validate PDF_X_3 and PDF_X_1ABug
PDFNET-42332Stamp looks incorrect when size and rotate angle are setBug
PDFNET-42415Convert Web Page to PDF - bad layoutBug
PDFNET-42355When PDF is converted to PDF_A_1B, the text looks differentBug
PDFNET-42271For Helvetica and Courier fonts, page number in the TOC entry is missingBug
PDFNET-42388When PDF is converted to DOCX, the text is missing.(converted to image)Bug
PDFNET-40912Images not rendered to next pageBug
PDFNET-40140PDF to PDFA1b conversion results in-compliant PDFA documentBug

Public API Changes

Added API’s

Exception Aspose.PDF.FontEmbeddingException Constructor Aspose.PDF.FontEmbeddingException(System.String) Constructor Aspose.PDF.FontEmbeddingException(System.String,System.Exception) Constructor Aspose.PDF.FontEmbeddingException(System.Exception) Interface Aspose.PDF.Text.IFontOptions Property Aspose.PDF.Text.IFontOptions.NotifyAboutFontEmbeddingError Property Aspose.PDF.UnifiedSaveOptions.ExtractOcrSublayerOnly