Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.5

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-44405DefaultFontName setting when saving Pdf as PdfNew Feature
PDFNET-44576Implement functionality to get all fonts from documentNew Feature
PDFNET-38034Support HTML tags inside table elementNew Feature
PDFNET-40200HtmlFragment Performance issueEnhancement
PDFNET-44492PDF to PDF/A-3A - resultant PDF is not showing correct versionBug
PDFNET-44418Import XFDF to PDF - the line element is not being recognizedBug
PDFNET-44415Problem adding image on layersBug
PDFNET-44348Problem with Fonts while Optimizing a PDFBug
PDFNET-44406DefaultFontName setting not working when value is changedBug
PDFNET-44419Incorrect text color when saving PDFBug
PDFNET-44383Evaluation watermark is not visible when saving PDF documentBug
PDFNET-44382Evaluation watermar is missing when saving LaTeX and PostScript documentsBug
PDFNET-44482An exception is thrown while accepting TextFragmentAbsorbed objectBug
PDFNET-39635Unable to search Arabic text using TextFragmentAbsorberBug
PDFNET-36510Not all TextFragments are being replaced inside PDFBug
PDFNET-36518Not all instances of text are being replacedBug
PDFNET-36582Regular expression is not searching second occurrence on same lineBug
PDFNET-44363Aspose Pdf 18.3 Exception throws when saving password protected signed filesBug
PDFNET-44214GDI+ Exception when generating PDF with images loaded from HTML fileBug
PDFNET-44165PDF to PDF/A-1b - the output PDF does not pass compliance testBug
PDFNET-42837GDI+ exception when adding Image inside PDF in WPF applicationBug
PDFNET-42860PDF to PDF/A - Conversion process takes too much timeBug
PDFNET-37248GetNextImage produces black rectangle on the imageBug
PDFNET-44484The footer content is flipped after adding HtmlFragmentBug
PDFNET-44341Output PDF - Incorrect rendering of the Header HTML on the second pageBug
PDFNET-44487FloatingBox columns placed incorrectly when ColumnSpacing property is unsetBug
PDFNET-38438Formatting issues when placing large HTML contents inside table cellBug
PDFNET-38861Using IsInLineParagraph with TextFragment and HtmlFragmentBug
PDFNET-44090Redacting a PDF throws exceptionBug
PDFNET-43949Field not redactedBug
PDFNET-44428The input PDF throws an error on retrieving color type of the PageBug
PDFNET-44450An error occurred on removing JavaScript from PDFBug
PDFNET-44079PDF To HTML: some text is missingBug

Public API changes in Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.5

Added APIs:

  • Method Aspose.Pdf.Rectangle.Contains(Aspose.Pdf.Point)
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.Rectangle.Center
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.Document.IDocumentFontUtilities.GetAllFonts
  • Method Aspose.Pdf.Heading.CloneWithSegments
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ImageFileType.Base64
  • Property Aspose.Pdf.PdfSaveOptions.DefaultFontName