Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.9

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-38535Support of PDF to XLSXNew Feature
PDFNET-44643PDF/UA: Validate Optional ContentNew Feature
PDFNET-44644PDF/UA: Validate Embedded FilesNew Feature
PDFNET-44645PDF/UA: Validate Acroform Fields (Digital Signatures)New Feature
PDFNET-44646PDF/UA: Validate Non-Interactive Forms and XFANew Feature
PDFNET-44647PDF/UA: Validate SecurityNew Feature
PDFNET-44648PDF/UA: Validate NavigationNew Feature
PDFNET-44649PDF/UA: Validate AnnotationsNew Feature
PDFNET-28514Identify paragraphs that runs over multiple columns while extracting textEnhancement
PDFNET-44617Support Stream for loading PCL documentEnhancement
PDFNET-37635Implement an option to suppress any text adjustment after replace.Enhancement
PDFNET-41490Implement Rectangle property for HtmlFragment objectEnhancement
PDFNET-45248PDF/UA. Make validation/convertation log more informativeEnhancement
PDFNET-37896PDF file is not properly being converted to PDF/A_1a formatBug
PDFNET-39643PDF to TIFF: resultant image is garbledBug
PDFNET-40423PDF to TIF conversion results a blank imageBug
PDFNET-40567PDF to TIFF: some contents are lost in resultant imageBug
PDFNET-41134PDF to TIFF: text is missing in resultant imageBug
PDFNET-41445PDF to TIF: resultant Multipage TIF image is blank after first pageBug
PDFNET-41847PDF to TIFF - Resultant image is corruptedBug
PDFNET-42520Word document been cut off when print.Bug
PDFNET-42532PDF to PDFA Conversion process hangs upBug
PDFNET-42533PDF to PDFA Conversion process hangs upBug
PDFNET-43033PDF to TIFF - The output file is empty.Bug
PDFNET-43252PDF to TIFF - an empty TIFF is generatedBug
PDFNET-43636The performance degradation while converting PDF to PDFA_1ABug
PDFNET-43821Problem with using ReplaceAdjustment.WholeWordsHyphenation optionBug
PDFNET-44007Images are missing when saving as image or HTMLBug
PDFNET-44081PDF to PPTX - the highlighted color of text is not being removedBug
PDFNET-44206Aspose.Pdf 18.2: Exception when trying to open particular XPSBug
PDFNET-44227Black background added on fields when flatteningBug
PDFNET-44690PDF to XPS - the redaction and additional blank pages are being addedBug
PDFNET-44783The method RedactArea throws an exception.Bug
PDFNET-44825An exception raises while flattening the documentBug
PDFNET-44842Text is shifted over while replacing the textBug
PDFNET-44892PostScript to PDF - Program hangs at document loadingBug
PDFNET-44930HTML to PDF - incorrect page sizeBug
PDFNET-44966A generic error occurred in GDI+ when saving PDF as HTMLBug
PDFNET-44987After adding new paragraph to page, saving of PDF document
throws System.Exception - Cannot instantiate Artifact class
PDFNET-45017Rotation doesn’t work for EPUBBug
PDFNET-45042Incorrect rendering of PDF document to HTMLBug
PDFNET-45043The conversion PDF to PDFA_1A hangs.Bug
PDFNET-45086The exception raises while applying the text stampBug
PDFNET-45096Some columns are missing when using the repeating columns featureBug
PDFNET-45098The repeating columns behave inconsistently when spannedBug
PDFNET-45109Input string was not in correct format exception when CSS URL contains curly bracketBug
PDFNET-45128When TIFF image is inserted to PDF, then the picture is rotated.Bug
PDFNET-45147PDF file is not properly being converted to PDF/A_1b formatBug
PDFNET-45191An inconsistent text content in TextFragment collectionBug
PDFNET-45228An execution hangs when HtmlFragment is insertedBug
PDFNET-45295PDF to XPS - the redaction and additional blank pages are being addedBug

Public API changes in Aspose.PDF for .NET 18.9

Added APIs:

  • Property Aspose.Pdf.ExcelSaveOptions.Format
  • Enumeration Aspose.Pdf.ExcelSaveOptions.ExcelFormat
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ExcelSaveOptions.ExcelFormat.XMLSpreadSheet2003
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.ExcelSaveOptions.ExcelFormat.XLSX
  • Property Aspose.Pdf.HtmlFragment.Rectangle
  • Property Aspose.Pdf.Matrix.Data
  • Enumeration member Aspose.Pdf.Text.TextReplaceOptions.ReplaceAdjustment.ShiftRestOfLine
  • Property Aspose.Pdf.Text.PageMarkup.IsMulticolumnParagraphsAllowed