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Aspose.PDF for .NET 22.7

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-48338Modify link annotation and set action as none or nullEnhancement
PDFNET-48576Loading EPUB for conversion is taking all memory of the SystemEnhancement
PDFNET-45995Multibyte Characters are not being displayedEnhancement
PDFNET-51978TextAbsorber can’t recognize text in the PDF fileBug
PDFNET-51353Regression: HTML to PDF layout issuesBug
PDFNET-50985Regression: HTML to PDF table caption and table split into two pagesBug
PDFNET-38624Attempt to flatten a field causes an exceptionBug
PDFNET-49566HTML to PDF - IndexOutOfRangeException Occurs when margins are not setBug
PDFNET-52007Form.FlattenAllFields() throws Object reference not set to an instance of an objectBug
PDFNET-51807Aspose PDF TextAnnotation.InReplyTo behavior after 21.10 versionBug
PDFNET-51584PDF to PDF/A text spelled backwardBug
PDFNET-30586Issue while creating Document object with PDF documentBug
PDFNET-38019PdfExtractor object does not work in evaluation modeBug
PDFNET-34852ArgumentException(hexadecimal value) unhandled message, while converting Pdf to htmlBug
PDFNET-39154MHT to PDF - Exception during conversionBug
PDFNET-39597Exception when trying to parse tableBug
PDFNET-40509HTML to PDF - Font issues in resultant fileBug
PDFNET-40504HTML to PDF - Position of some text elements is incorrectBug
PDFNET-40444HTML to PDF - Text formatting is ignored during conversionBug
PDFNET-38762HTML to PDF - Text is displaced and overlappingBug
PDFNET-46706NullReferenceException while loading HTML filesBug
PDFNET-44992NullReferenceException is thrown by HtmlFragmentBug
PDFNET-44775HTML to PDF - API throws Out Of Memory ExceptionBug
PDFNET-37878HtmlFragment hangs the process with html text consist of large size imagesBug
PDFNET-41858HTML to PDF - Exception during conversionBug
PDFNET-42838Exception when trying to add large HTML contents inside PDFBug
PDFNET-45211HTML to PDF - the embedded base64 image is missingBug
PDFNET-49296HTM to PDF - StackOverFlowException has been occurredBug
PDFNET-47481HTML to PDF - SVG image is not shownBug
PDFNET-50383PDF Conversion to image is emptyBug
PDFNET-48732The result of PDF to PNG conversion is the white outputBug
PDFNET-51955Type handle ‘Aspose.Pdf.Document’ and method handleBug
PDFNET-50293Blank image is being generated after PDF to JPG ConversionBug
PDFNET-51221Infinite loop at document.Save() when table has to go into new page in landscape orientationBug
PDFNET-51931Save consumes growing memory and doesn’t completeBug
PDFNET-51470PDF to PPTX and DOCX conversion throws System.IO.FileLoadExceptionBug
PDFNET-47825Document.Flatten is throwing exceptionBug
PDFNET-51350PDF to PPTX: Missing imagesBug
PDFNET-47949Replace text with Images - unwanted and strange resultsBug
PDFNET-51956Exception is thrown when calling “pdfDocument.Pages.Accept(textFragmentAbsorber)” methodBug
PDFNET-51977Aspose.Pdf 22.4 throws exception when absorbing text fragmentsBug
PDFNET-45301PDF to XPS - System.OutOfMemory Exception occurredBug
PDFNET-50250“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” exception when open documentBug
PDFNET-43205Output PDF - the invalid signature errorBug
PDFNET-51757Aspose.Pdf 22.4: Saving a particular pdf document to image by page produces distored imagesBug
PDFNET-50878Table of contents - missing index numbersBug
PDFNET-51910Table of contents dots overlap Chinese charactersBug
PDFNET-51937Type handle ‘Aspose.Pdf.Document’ and method handle with declaring type ‘#=zb04s9BCMYe3AYMBFFrvz95s=’ are incompatibleBug
PDFNET-51634Export excel column cell format as numeric instead of textBug
PDFNET-48678PDF to Excel: Cell shifted to leftBug
PDFNET-48367OutOfMemoryException from constructor of System.Drawing.Drawing2D.PathGradientBrushBug
PDFNET-51455Calculated fields are not updated when merging FDF to PDFBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Method: Aspose.Pdf.Table.GetHeight(Aspose.Pdf.Page)

Removed APIs

  • Method: Aspose.Pdf.Table.GetHeight