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Aspose.PDF for .NET 22.9

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-52290Add property for modify the order of the subject rubrics (E=, CN=, O=, OU=, ) into the signatureFeature
PDFNET-51203Convert PDF to PNG with transparent backgroundEnhancement
PDFNET-52331PDF to Tiff conversion has slow performanceEnhancement
PDFNET-52099Update default XMP Creator valueEnhancement
PDFNET-49644CopyLogicalStructure: Concatenating files throws exceptionBug
PDFNET-52231PDF to XLSX - resulting file contains errors that Excel recovers on openingBug
PDFNET-50624Taking too long for saving document as streamBug
PDFNET-48597NullReferenceException at Flattening FormBug
PDFNET-43465PDF to PNG - output image is garbledBug
PDFNET-43862When convert PDF to PDFA, and exception occursBug
PDFNET-44042PDF to PDF/A - the slow conversion processBug
PDFNET-52187Issue with pdf formats when convertingBug
PDFNET-52244Issue when importing XFDF file to PDFBug
PDFNET-51541Converting a PDF results in strange Arabic fontBug
PDFNET-48936PDF to PNG conversion: Unreadable outputBug
PDFNET-52263PDF to PNG: Low quality conversionBug
PDFNET-52050Issue with pdf formatsBug
PDFNET-52164Index was out of range when concatenating two filesBug
PDFNET-34263Html To PDF : Contents are not fitting inside PDF fileBug
PDFNET-51474Regression: HTML to PDF Layout issuesBug
PDFNET-51926Regression: HTML to PDF space related layout issuesBug
PDFNET-52441Page CropBox (and other boxes) values are lost when saving document and copying pagesBug
PDFNET-51915System.NullReferenceException is thrown while embedding font for text fragmentsBug
PDFNET-40935HTML to PD * Field: background color issueBug
PDFNET-40402HTML to PDF conversion loses some text in resultant PDFBug
PDFNET-40088HTML to PD * Field: Arabic text is being rendered incorrectlyBug
PDFNET-41997Annotaiton in large file throw IOExceptionBug
PDFNET-50686PDF to SVG: Font rendering issueBug
PDFNET-46911Value of cropbox cannot be changes once set to specific valueBug
PDFNET-48867CropBox/MediaBox Not Applying CropBug
PDFNET-51680The output PDF file contains embedded fontBug
PDFNET-46803IndexOutOfRangeException when redaction is close to page bottomBug
PDFNET-51967Form field font size is changed after filling itBug
PDFNET-37637PDF to PNG - background layer is corrupted in resultant PNG fileBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Property:Aspose.Pdf.RenderingOptions.IgnoreResourceFontErrors
  • Property:Aspose.Pdf.Devices.PngDevice.TransparentBackground
  • Property:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SignatureCustomAppearance.UseDigitalSubjectFormat
  • Property:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SignatureCustomAppearance.DigitalSubjectFormat
  • Type:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.CN
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.O
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.L
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.OU
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.S
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.C
  • Field:Aspose.Pdf.Forms.SubjectNameElements.E

Removed APIs