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Aspose.PDF for .NET 23.4

Improvements and Changes

PDFNET-53492Aspose.PDF for .NET 7Feature
PDFNET-49440Aspose.Pdf 21.2: merged XPS file size decreasedEnhancement
PDFNET-37871Setting Form field value improvedEnhancement
PDFNET-54025Wrong symbols are extracted via TextFragmentAbsorberBug
PDFNET-53858TextStamp isn’t added to landscape page in hr-HR localeBug
PDFNET-53764Page.add() produces object reference exceptionBug
PDFNET-53572Calling CallBackGetHocr does not workBug
PDFNET-50413Out of memory error when converting specific PS file to HTML in LinuxBug
PDFNET-47573Incorrect image positioning when saving PDF into HTML in Docker containerBug
PDFNET-50497System.ArgumentException when converting PCL to PDF on Linux docker containerBug
PDFNET-52091PDF to HTML: Out of Memory exception in the Docker containerBug
PDFNET-49489Layered images and gradients do not render properlyBug
PDFNET-53928When converting Pdf to Jpg images gradient dissapearsBug
PDFNET-53634Indentation inconsistent when adding TOCBug
PDFNET-52589HTML to PDF: Converting file throws “OutOfMemory” exceptionBug
PDFNET-44423The form filling takes much time per fieldBug
PDFNET-53873Decrypt() changes AssembleDocument permissionBug
PDFNET-44768The output JPEG image has some shapesBug
PDFNET-46730Problem rendering transparent image on PDF page to JPGBug
PDFNET-41414PDF to PDFA: ArgumentException: An attempt to create annotation using invalid dictionaryBug
PDFNET-40774PDF to HTML - Exception during conversionBug
PDFNET-40512Exception when trying to redact certain page regionBug
PDFNET-39041PDF to PDF/A_2A, PDF/A_2B - NullReferenceExceptionBug
PDFNET-45251Argument exception while adding a lineBug
PDFNET-38686TextBoxField throws exception on setting empty valueBug
PDFNET-40325XPS to PDF conversion throws ArgumentException - Parameter is not validBug
PDFNET-40783EPUB to PDF - Exception during conversionBug
PDFNET-52001TextState.ForegroundColor returns incorrect colorBug
PDFNET-41606HTML to PDF - Table border rendering issueBug
PDFNET-45177HTML to PDF conversion fails with empty tfoot tagBug
PDFNET-43318HTML to PDF - the text line is displacedBug
PDFNET-43214HTML to PDF - Text gets overlapped in resultant PDFBug
PDFNET-39062ImagePlacementAbsorber throws NullReferenceExceptionBug
PDFNET-44940PDF page to image export shows error in DockerBug
PDFNET-50817Hand-drawn signatures missing in the output fileBug
PDFNET-49269Document.flatten() doesn’t flatten all annotations for 51+ page documentsBug
PDFNET-51486Regression: PDF to XPS Output covered with black and grey areasBug
PDFNET-52617PDF to PNG: Colors not rendered correctlyBug
PDFNET-43530EMF to PDF - Output is different as compared to old generatorBug
PDFNET-52292StackOverflowException is thrown while extracting imagesBug
PDFNET-50822API is unable to flatten the annotations in 50+ pages PDFBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Property: Aspose.Pdf.TocInfo.CopyToOutlines

Removed APIs

Discontinued Features