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Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET 23.10.0, Linux x86, x64

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  • 14/11/2023


It contains Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET 23.10.0, Linux x86, x64 release.

File Details

Version 23.10.0 of the Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET API introduces a range of exciting new features and enhancements tailored for Linux. With this release, developers can enhance their Python PDF manipulation applications with improved printing capabilities and more.

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Printing Control: We’ve introduced a comprehensive set of new printing classes and properties for developers to easily manage page scaling and sources and leverage various printing modes for ultimate flexibility.
  • Print Large PDF Documents: Added support for printing large PDF files, enhancing efficiency and performance.
  • Transparency Flattening: Simplify PDF processing in Python by flattening document transparency for a consistent visual experience.
  • Text Fragment Measurement: Accurately measure the height of text fragments for precise layout adjustments.
  • Text State Measurement: Accuracy of text state height measurement is enhanced in this version of the Python PDF processing library for optimal text rendering.

Other Highlights

  • Conversion Options: We’ve added new functionalities for PDF to DOC conversion, including conversion modes.
  • Paper Size Selection: Added support for a wider variety of paper sizes, including international and envelope standards.

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

We have added several new classes, properties, and methods, mainly focusing on printing, text measurements, plugins, and conversion. Some of these are:

  • aspose.pdf.printing.CustomPrintEventArgs
  • aspose.pdf.printing.Duplex
  • aspose.pdf.printing.CustomPrintEventArgs.FILE_NAME str
  • aspose.pdf.printing.PaperSizes
  • aspose.pdf.printing.PageSettings
  • aspose.pdf.Document.flatten_transparency
  • aspose.pdf.Document.print_scaling aspose.pdf.PrintScaling
  • aspose.pdf.plugins.ConversionMode
  • aspose.pdf.plugins.SaveFormat.DOC

Removed APIs

We have removed several classes, properties, and methods, mainly focusing on printing and PDF viewing. Some of these are:

  • aspose.pdf.PrintController
  • aspose.pdf.PrintController.file_name str
  • aspose.pdf.facades.PdfViewer.get_default_page_settings aspose.pydrawing.printing.PageSettings
  • aspose.pdf.facades.PdfViewer.print_document_with_settings(aspose.pydrawing.printing.PrinterSettings)
  • aspose.pdf.operators.BasicSetColorOperator.grey float
  • aspose.pdf.facades.PdfViewer.print_large_pdf(Any,aspose.pydrawing.printing.PrinterSettings)

You can view the list of all new features, enhancements, and bug fixes introduced in this release by visiting Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET 23.10.0 Release Notes.