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Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET 24.1.0 Windows x32

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  • 26/1/2024


This wheel contains Aspose.PDF version 24.1.0, compatible with Python 3 and optimized for Windows 32-bit systems.

File Details

Level Up Your PDFs on Windows! Say goodbye to limitations with Aspose.PDF 24.1 for Python (32-bit). Dive deeper into document structure, optimize workflows, and unlock new possibilities.

Key Highlights

  • Precision Control: Access low-level PDF constructs for pixel-perfect customization.
  • Effortless Annotation Management: Import annotations from FDF files for seamless collaboration.
  • Flawless PDF to Word: Create high-fidelity Word documents from your PDFs for effortless editing.
  • Master the Art of Forms: Edit, flatten, export, and manage form fields with ease.
  • Optimize and Extract with Ease: Extract images and shrink file sizes for smoother sharing and storage.
  • Text Your Way: Choose your format - pure, raw, or plain text - and extract text with perfect accuracy.

Beyond the Highlights

  • Rock-solid Reliability: Output PDFs compliant with PDF/A-1b standards for secure long-term archiving.
  • Say Goodbye to Rendering Issues: Convert PDFs to stunningly clear images (PNG, JPEG) with perfect accuracy.
  • Boost Your Productivity: Reduced memory consumption during PDF to HTML conversion means faster processing and happier workflows.
  • Accurate Positioning: Images and content are placed perfectly during conversions, guaranteeing professional results.
  • Capture Every Word: Improved TextAbsorber ensures no text gets missed within your PDFs.
  • Open PS/EPS Files with Ease: Say goodbye to null reference exceptions and experience seamless compatibility.
  • Maintain Image Fidelity: Exported HTML preserves image size and quality for consistent presentation.
  • Readily Visible Textboxes: AcroForms TextBoxFields now display entered values accurately, streamlining data workflows.

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

Several new classes and methods were added, primarily related to forms, plugins, and text/image extraction. These include:

  • aspose.pdf.annotations.FdfReader
  • aspose.pdf.Document.LoadFrom()
  • aspose.pdf.facades.PdfAnnotationEditor.import_annotations_from_fdf()
  • Various classes for form editing, flattening, exporting, and field creation (checkboxes, combo boxes, text boxes)
  • Classes for image extraction, optimization, rotation, resizing, splitting, and conversion to Word

Removed APIs

Several classes and methods were removed, primarily related to forms and plugins. These include:

  • aspose.pdf.plugins.PdfDoc
  • aspose.pdf.plugins.PdfForm
  • aspose.pdf.plugins.PdfExtractorToImageOptions
  • aspose.pdf.plugins.PdfExtractorToTextOptions
  • Various classes and methods related to form fields and plugin options

Download Aspose.PDF 24.1 for Python (32-bit) and unleash the full potential of your Windows PDFs!

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes in this release please visit, Aspose PDF for Python via .NET 24.1 Release Notes.