Aspose.Slides for Android via Java 19.1 Release Notes

SLIDESANDROID-99Implement HatchBrush for AndroidFeature
SLIDESANDROID-137Use Aspose.Slides for Java 19.1 featuresFeature
SLIDESJAVA-37157Option for setting locale in applicationFeature
SLIDESJAVA-36680WordArt text shadow has lost when converting to thumbnail imageBug
SLIDESJAVA-36930PPTX to PDF text shadowing not sameBug
SLIDESJAVA-35532PowerPoint Loses Alt Text FieldsBug
SLIDESJAVA-35578Wrong Underline color appeared after saving PPTBug
SLIDESJAVA-35682Text Type difference in PPT and PPTX filesBug
SLIDESJAVA-37109Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-37180All caps effect lost on saveBug
SLIDESJAVA-37374Line Alignment Issue after conversion to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-37384Wrong text spacing for generated slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESJAVA-37398getShapeStyle method returns nullBug
SLIDESJAVA-37421Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-37425Text rendered inverted in exported PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-37426NullPointer exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-37457Exception on loading and saving PPTXBug

Public API Changes

CurrentThreadSettings class has been added Android

The CurrentThreadSettings class has been added to com.aspose.slides.* package.

It is an auxiliary class that allows setting default Locale for Aspose.Slides for Java.

By default Aspose.Slides for Java uses system locale.

Available methods in the CurrentThreadSettings class:

public static final Locale getLocale()
public static final void setLocale(Locale locale)
public static final void setLocale(String localeName)
  • getLocale() method returns default Locale for Aspose.Slides.
  • setLocale(Locale locale) and setLocale(String localeName) - sets default Locale for for Aspose.Slides.

Sample code demonstrating setting en-US Locale:

CurrentThreadSettings.setLocale(new Locale("en", "US"));

getAlternativeTextTitle and setAlternativeTextTitle methods have been added to IShape interface Android

A new methods getAlternativeTextTitle and setAlternativeTextTitle have been added to IShape interface and Shape class.

These methods allow to get or set the title of alternative text associated with a shape.

Sample code demonstrating setting alternative text title:

Presentation presentation = new Presentation();
IAutoShape shape = presentation.getSlides().get_Item(0).getShapes().addAutoShape(ShapeType.Rectangle, 100, 50, 300, 150);
shape.setAlternativeTextTitle("Alt text title");