Aspose.Slides for CPP 18.3 Release Notes

SLIDESNET-38900Option for saving fonts when converting to HTMLFeature
SLIDESNET-39415Show Aspose.Slides in Add Reference dialogFeature
SLIDESCPP-1142Fix getting wrong family name when using some external fontsBug
SLIDESCPP-1143Fix incorrect rendered text vertical position when using some external fontsBug
SLIDESCPP-1150Fix incomplete cloning of the System::Drawing::Pen objectsBug
SLIDESCPP-1151Fix System::Drawing::Graphics::set_Clip method behavior for infinite regionsBug
SLIDESCPP-1154Fix possible “System::XmlException” exceptions when loading a presentation containing chartsBug
SLIDESCPP-1160Fix MeasureString method calculations for GenericTypographic argumentBug

Public API Changes

  • All Aspose.Slides for C++ library API is updated to use char16_t instead of wchar_t.