Aspose.Slides for C++ 23.1 Release Notes

Supported Platforms

  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Windows x64/x86 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later).
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Linux (Clang 3.9 or later, GCC 6.1 or later).
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for macOS (Xcode 13.4 or later).

New Features and Enhancements

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESNET-43647ArgumentException when adding HTML with duplicate style attributesEnhancement
SLIDESNET-43569Email addresses are underlined in bold when converting PPTX to HTMLEnhancement
SLIDESNET-43537Import a MathML equation into Aspose.Slides from HTML documentsFeature

Other Improvements and Changes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESCPP-3609Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 23.1 featuresEnhancement