Aspose.Slides for C++ 23.9 Release Notes

Supported Platforms

  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Windows x64/x86 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or later).
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for Linux (Clang 3.9 or later, GCC 6.1 or later, glibc 2.23 or later).
  • Aspose.Slides for C++ for macOS x86_64/ARM64 (Xcode 13.4 or later).

New Features and Enhancements

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESNET-44012ODP Pie/Bubble charts supportEnhancement
SLIDESNET-44013ODP Net/Stock charts supportEnhancement
SLIDESNET-44099Getting the value from the Animate Text property of animation effectFeature

Other Improvements and Changes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESCPP-3772Support ARM64 architecture for the Aspose.Slides for C++ library (macOS)Enhancement
SLIDESCPP-3762Getting the value from the Animate Text property of animation effectFeature
SLIDESCPP-3617Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 23.9 featuresEnhancement

Apple Silicon M1/M2 Support

We are pleased to announce the release of the ARM64 edition of Aspose.Slides for C++ for macOS, specifically optimized for the innovative Apple Silicon platform. This architecture fuels the performance and efficiency of all modern Apple computers, showcasing exceptional capabilities.

Now the Aspose.Slides for C++ macOS package includes 2 libraries:

  • libAspose.Slides_appleclang_x86_64.dylib - library for x86_64 architecture.
  • libAspose.Slides_appleclang_arm64.dylib - library for ARM64 architecture.

Using CMake, library selection is fully automatic. You can see an example of this use in the demo project in the sample directory.

Public API Changes

Text Animation Effect - AnimateTextType enum has been added

The new AnimateTextType enum class has been added and it represents the animate text type of an animation effect. It allows to set the following text animation types:

  • Animate all text at once.
  • Animate text by word.
  • Animate text by letter.


System::SharedPtr<Presentation> presentation = System::MakeObject<Presentation>(u"demo.pptx");

// Get the first effect of the first slide.
System::SharedPtr<IEffect> firstSlideEffect = presentation->get_Slide(0)->get_Timeline()->get_MainSequenceEffect(0);

// Change the effect Animate text type to "By letter"