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Aspose.Slides for Java 15.11.0 Release Notes

Other Improvements and Chages

Bug Fixes

SLIDESJAVA-35143 - pdf rendered incorrectly

SLIDESJAVA-35137 - Wrong text underline type returned for text

SLIDESJAVA-35136 - Setting text underline color not working

SLIDESJAVA-35129 - Creation Date and Last Save Time fields are not extracted correctly

SLIDESJAVA-35120 - Shape to BMP thumbnail is not working

SLIDESJAVA-35116 - Incorrect text on presentation load and save

SLIDESJAVA-35107 - Incorrect chart legend displayed

SLIDESJAVA-35106 - PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx

SLIDESJAVA-35101 - SlideSizeType.Custom property is not working

SLIDESJAVA-35093 - License is disabled message while setting the license

SLIDESJAVA-35075 - Image (Jpeg) is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-35067 - Blank html generated from presentation

SLIDESJAVA-35034 - PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx

SLIDESJAVA-34920 - writeAsSvg creates incorrect text

SLIDESJAVA-34919 - writeAsSvg creates incorrect svg files

SLIDESJAVA-34916 - writeAsSvg method loses background image.

SLIDESJAVA-34496 - Text indentation lost in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34485 - The text is improperly rendered in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34374 - AnimationSettings is missing in new Aspose.Slides for Java Unified API

SLIDESJAVA-34314 - Fonts are not rendered from HTML to presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34222 - Invalid String exception on accessing presentaiton

SLIDESJAVA-34089 - Unknown file format exception on generating PDF

Public API Changes

New methods getFirstSlideNumber() and setFirstSlideNumber() have been added to the Presentation class

New methods getFirstSlideNumber() and setFirstSlideNumber() allow to get or to set the number of first slide in a presentation. When a new first slide number value is specified all slide numbers are recalculated.

Presentation pres = new Presentation(path);
int firstSlideNumber = pres.getFirstSlideNumber();
pres.setFirstSlideNumber(10);, SaveFormat.Pptx);

Obsolete methods in com.aspose.slides.DataLabelCollection class have been deleted

Obsolete methods in DataLabelCollection class have been deleted:

DataLabelCollection.setNumberFormat(String value)
DataLabelCollection.setLinkedSource(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setDelete(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setFormat(Format value)
DataLabelCollection.setPosition(int value)
DataLabelCollection.setSeparator(String value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowLegendKey(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowLeaderLines(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowCategoryName(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowValue(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowPercentage(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowSeriesName(boolean value)
DataLabelCollection.setShowBubbleSize(boolean value)