Aspose.Slides for Java 15.3.0 Release Notes

Major Features

Improved SmartArt customization support

All changes

SLIDESJAVA-34768 - Aspose.Slides takes big time to export 1 slide presentaiton to PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34737 - Same font substituted with different fonts on different slides by Aspose.Slides

SLIDESJAVA-34796 - FontsLoader.clearCache() does not remove the temp file created

SLIDESJAVA-34787 - Improvement in IWarningCallback output

SLIDESJAVA-8062 - Throw exception if unattached portion is set

SLIDESJAVA-34791 - PDF OLE object failed to get added in powerpoint

SLIDESJAVA-34789 - Gradient is improperly rendered in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34788 - Wrong text rendering in generated thumbnail and Pdf

SLIDESJAVA-34770 - PptxException on accessing presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34769 - Presentation repair message on opening presentation in PowerPoint 2010

SLIDESJAVA-34763 - Multithreads halts on using PPT presentaitons

SLIDESJAVA-34760 - Setting the X_Y for slide Comment in presentation not getting affected

SLIDESJAVA-34757 - Wrong text (Indian font) wrapping in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34755 - Wrong character spacing of Hindi text in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34754 - FontManager returns 0 as Font count if the presentaiton is loading using stream

SLIDESJAVA-34753 - Telugu characters improperly rendered in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34752 - Highlighted text is missing in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34751 - Tamil characters improperly rendered in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34750 - Chart labels are missing in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34747 - The slide thumbnail include orange transparent layer over them

SLIDESJAVA-34746 - Thumbnails are improperly rendedered in generated thumbnails

SLIDESJAVA-34743 - Low Chart rendering quality in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34740 - Presentation repair message in cloned presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34728 - SplitbyColSpan not splitting the table properly

SLIDESJAVA-34725 - Text on SmartArt (after re-saving) is improperly rendered in thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34719 - NullReference exception on opening presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34703 - Title text size changed after cloning the slide in PPTX file

SLIDESJAVA-34702 - Title text color changed after cloning the slide in PPTX file

SLIDESJAVA-34701 - Title location changed after cloning the slide in PPTX file

SLIDESJAVA-34695 - Unexpected font parsing exception while opening a PPTX file

SLIDESJAVA-34689 - Wrong Chart after converting PPTX to Image

SLIDESJAVA-34657 - SmartArt text is improeprly rendered in generated thumbnails

SLIDESJAVA-34581 - PPTX to HTML Conversion issue: some content is missing in the generated file

SLIDESJAVA-34538 - Unexpected font parsing exception while converting PPTX to PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34488 - InvertIfNegative property is set to true when series data point color is set

SLIDESJAVA-34233 - Graph is missing in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34169 - Charts failed to render in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34072 - Embedded TIFF Files Not Rendering In PPTX

SLIDESJAVA-33941 - SmartArt is missing in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-33347 - SmartArt improperly renderd in generated thumbnail