Aspose.Slides for Java 15.8.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-35418 - Set Doughnut Hole Size in Doughnut Chart

SLIDESJAVA-33949 - Support for embedding video for Media Player ActiveX control

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

SLIDESJAVA-35037 - SAXParseException on set license method

SLIDESJAVA-35029 - Hyperlink is returned in two portions of text

SLIDESJAVA-35016 - Incorrect slide design rendered on odp to html conversion

SLIDESJAVA-35015 - Disturbed layout on odp to html conversion

SLIDESJAVA-35014 - Background and hyperlink color is lost on odp to html conversion

SLIDESJAVA-35013 - slide is not rendered while converting odp to html

SLIDESJAVA-35006 - getFontName method returns incorrect font name

SLIDESJAVA-34978 - After saving .ppt files there are some loss of information

SLIDESJAVA-34976 - User shape does not appear in presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34975 - Chart last category missing if data points are blank

SLIDESJAVA-34972 - Exceptions on loading zero KB presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34970 - InvertIfNegative values are rendered without color in saved presentation

SLIDESJAVA-34969 - FirstSliceAngle set and get is not working

SLIDESJAVA-34961 - replaceFont method not working

SLIDESJAVA-34945 - themes.xml for master is not removed

SLIDESJAVA-34910 - Custom combination chart is lost in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34898 - Text is lost when converted to pptx or a thumbnail is generated

SLIDESJAVA-34885 - Exception thrown odp to html conversion

SLIDESJAVA-34884 - PptUnsupportedFormatException exception on conversion from odp to html

SLIDESJAVA-34843 - Text Improperly rendered in generated HTML

SLIDESJAVA-34716 - PPTX to PDF Conversion: Poor Image quality

SLIDESJAVA-34613 - Image quality is not good when converting PPTX to PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34590 - Axis Label Alignment is not proper in the generated PDF file

SLIDESJAVA-34447 - PPTX to PDF Conversion: Charts are blur as compared to the PPTX file

SLIDESJAVA-34342 - Category axis text is improperly rendered in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-34328 - Setting Sufficient Resolution property does not work Aspose.Slides for Java

SLIDESJAVA-34237 - Wrong fill type returned from shape

SLIDESJAVA-34234 - Chart is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail

SLIDESJAVA-34225 - Master slide is improperly applied on the slides

SLIDESJAVA-34071 - The Media player controls does not appear by default for linked video

SLIDESJAVA-33856 - Chart series labels are improperly rendered in generated PDF

SLIDESJAVA-32785 - The thumbnail is improperly rendered if it is lesser then slide size

Public API Changes

Methods getDoughnutHoleSize(), setDoughnutHoleSize(byte) have been added to IChartSeries and ChartSeries

Specifies the size of the hole in a doughnut chart.

Presentation pres = new Presentation();
IChart chart = pres.getSlides().get_Item(0).getShapes().addChart(ChartType.Doughnut, 50, 50, 400, 400);
chart.getChartData().getSeriesGroups().get_Item(0).setDoughnutHoleSize((byte)90);          "ChartSeries.API.DoughnutHoleSize.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);