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Aspose.Slides for Java 18.2 Release Notes

SLIDESJAVA-36671Set license memory consumption Aspose.Total Product FamilyInvestigation
SLIDESJAVA-36874Default presentation view is disturbedFeature
SLIDESJAVA-36399Performance issueFeature
SLIDESJAVA-36745The axis major unit has been changed in the image outputBug
SLIDESJAVA-36746The chart horizontal label looks different in the JPEG outputBug
SLIDESJAVA-36747The vertical axis label is not shown in the image outputBug
SLIDESJAVA-36047Thumbnails are not properly generated from PPTXBug
SLIDESJAVA-36733Aspose.Slides for Java 17.12 release package issue in MavenBug
SLIDESJAVA-36735Issue with zoom level of Notes Section while opening the saved presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-36868Presentation not saving and program just hangBug
SLIDESJAVA-36876Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-36878Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-36886Cannot create hyperlink to next slideBug

Public API Changes