Aspose.Slides for Java 19.9 Release Notes

SLIDESJAVA-37448Use Aspose.Slides for .NET 19.9 featuresFeature
SLIDESJAVA-37723PPTX not properly converted to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-37728PPT: A fatal error has been detectedBug
SLIDESJAVA-36589PackageUnsupportedFormatException on converting presentation to HTMLBug
SLIDESJAVA-34011Wrong color rendered for layout shape in PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-35584Exception on loading PPTXBug
SLIDESJAVA-35954Problem in converted SVG from PPTBug

Public API Changes

isLicensed method declared as deprecated for ILicense interface and License class

ILicense.isLicensed and License.isLicensed methods declared as deprecated. These methods will be removed after release of version 19.12.