Aspose.Slides for Java 21.1 Release Notes

SLIDESNET-36994Support for Edit shape pointsFeature
SLIDESJAVA-38357Aspose.Slides giving true for two unequal layout slidesBug
SLIDESJAVA-38362Issue while showing page number on slideBug
SLIDESJAVA-34173Support for Edit points in Trapezoid shapeFeature
SLIDESJAVA-38171Long loading & saving time for pptxInvestigation
SLIDESJAVA-37010Text spacing differs from PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-38367Repair message after cloning attached (unrepairable on larger files)Bug
SLIDESJAVA-38365PptUnsupportedFormatException on loading presentationBug
SLIDESJAVA-38212Use Aspose.Slides for Net 21.1 featuresEnhancement
SLIDESJAVA-38425Getting wrong font names of Chinese fonts in SVGBug
SLIDESJAVA-38424Exception on creating thumbnailsBug
SLIDESJAVA-38373Warning on rendering slide using Aspose.SlidesInvestigation
SLIDESJAVA-38157Arial MT Std throw error when slide number format with font Arial text fill = ‘gradient’Investigation

Public API Changes

Support of the shape points editing has been added

Support of the shape points editing has been added. New classes, interfaces, enums, and GeometryShape methods have been added.

New classes:

New interfaces:

New enums:

Public methods have been added to the GeometryShape class and its descendants:

Feature description:

Customization of the shape geometry assumes editing points of an existing shape.

Edit shape points

To provide the abovementioned functionality GeometryPath class and IGeometryPath interface have been added. GeometryPath instance represents a geometry path of the IGeometryShape object.

To retrieve GeometryPath from the IGeometryShape instance GeometryPath method has been added. Please note that shapes may be built from a few smaller shapes (e.g. an “equal” sign) so this method returns an array of IGeometryPath objects.

To set GeometryPath to the shape two methods have been added: IGeometryShape.setGeometryPath(IGeometryPath geometryPath) for solid shapes and setGeometryPaths(IGeometryPath[] geometryPaths) for composite shapes.