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Aspose.Slides for Java 21.10 Release Notes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESNET-42515Support of Full Pyramid column shape for 3-D Column and 3-D Bar ChartsFeature
SLIDESNET-41114Converting PPTX to HTML with transitionsFeature
SLIDESNET-40217Convert ppt to html with linksFeature
SLIDESJAVA-38248Use Aspose.Slides for Net 21.10 featuresEnhancement
SLIDESJAVA-35828Animation effect gets corrupt on changing paragraph textBug
SLIDESJAVA-33403Wrong TextAnchoring type returned for TextFrame textBug
SLIDESJAVA-35675Placeholder Type not detecting in Ppt fileBug
SLIDESJAVA-34390Placeholder is returned null for footer shape inside slideBug
SLIDESJAVA-38571Converting to PDF fails with “Bad state (oversubscribed dynamic bit lengths tree)” exceptionBug
SLIDESJAVA-38642Text wrapping is incorrect when converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-340473-D effects on the shapes are lost in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESJAVA-38600Text portions with Chinese characters placed incorrectly when converting PPTX to HTMLBug
SLIDESJAVA-38630Chart is missing when converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-386223D model is missing when converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-33716The table improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESJAVA-38514Chart and text are rotated when generating slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESJAVA-38612Chart is missing when converting presentation to PDFBug
SLIDESJAVA-38610Text loses formatting after pptx to odp conversionBug
SLIDESJAVA-34120Embedding OleObjects fails for Pdf and Pptx documentsBug
SLIDESJAVA-33334Non-MS-Office file types are OLE packaged and getting Ole data from them is not workingBug
SLIDESJAVA-36435Pptx to Html not properly convertedBug
SLIDESJAVA-34594Distortion in slide text when converted to PDF/A-1BBug
SLIDESJAVA-34223Arrows are improperly rendered in generaed thumbnail with custom dimensionsBug
SLIDESJAVA-36046Text position will be folded when converted in SVG formatBug
SLIDESJAVA-34604Hebrew characters are rendered with wrong fontsBug
SLIDESJAVA-333463-D effects on shapes is lost in generated thumbnailsBug
SLIDESJAVA-37316Issue when saving ppt as htmlBug
SLIDESJAVA-33715The text is rendered on wrong position for the generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESJAVA-35322Bold style did not get applied on textBug
SLIDESJAVA-34683Slides get distorted on changing the page size in exported PDFBug