Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.1.0 Release Notes

Major Changes

SLIDESNET-35615FontEntity class alternate implementation in the latest version of Aspose.Slides

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-35204Support to remove macros in presentation
SLIDESNET-35092Feature to Convert SmartArt Shapes to Image
SLIDESNET-35067Feature to Join PortionEx with Same Formatting
SLIDESNET-34980Feature to Convert Shape to Image is required in Presentation files
SLIDESNET-34787Extract audio used in SlideShowTransitions
SLIDESNET-29249Using Aspose.Slides as COM Interop DLL
SLIDESNET-19406Serialization for ShapesEx
SLIDESNET-12643Macros detection / removal in presentations
SLIDESNET-3710Serialization of Group Shapes
SLIDESNET-28206Implement PresentationVisitor
SLIDESNET-12540Paragraph.BulletOffset has no effect

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

SLIDESNET-36060NullReference exception on opening presentaiton
SLIDESNET-36038Hebrew text alignment is disturbed in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36037External Hyperlink gets changed in Aspose.Slides saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36031Argument exception thrown on accessing presentation
SLIDESNET-36023Bullets are wrongly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36014Images missing in generated HTML
SLIDESNET-36012PowerPoint stops working with an error when a PPTX resaved from a PPT is opened
SLIDESNET-36007Exception: Preset number idx doesn’t exist
SLIDESNET-36004Exception: Preset number idx doesn’t exist
SLIDESNET-35989Harlow-Solid-Italic font failed to render in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-35987The chart and Table placeholder return AutoShape as shape type for selected shape
SLIDESNET-35978System.Exception is thrown on cloning the presentation file
SLIDESNET-35975Content in the output presentation file is overflowing when importing HTML to PPTX
SLIDESNET-35974Bullets getting changed in the output presentation file when importing HTML to PPTX
SLIDESNET-35971FileNotFound exception when loading a presentation from a valid path
SLIDESNET-35957Object reference not set to an instance of an object Exception is thrown on opening the PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35956X-axis values are improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35955PptxUnsupportedFormatException: Encrypted presentations are not supported when loading the PPT
SLIDESNET-35951Unable to edit chart data after creating a new chart in presentation file
SLIDESNET-35949The contents are getting overlapped in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35944ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-35941Graph is not rendering properly from PPTX to Image conversion
SLIDESNET-35940Graph is not rendering properly from PPTX to PDF
SLIDESNET-35939LineWidth must return NaN on accessing the presentation shape
SLIDESNET-35932Aspose.Slides chart failed to edit in PowerPoint
SLIDESNET-35929Password protected PPTX presentaiton failed to open
SLIDESNET-35927Legend keys appear on thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35926Wrong font color of legend
SLIDESNET-35925Wrong background color on the chart
SLIDESNET-35923Presentation repair message appears for Aspose.Slides cloned presentation
SLIDESNET-35919Shape shadow property gets changed during cloning presentation slides
SLIDESNET-35914PPTX file fails to open when polynomial trendline are set to order 2
SLIDESNET-35904Wrong merged cell border
SLIDESNET-35886ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception on cloning presentation slides
SLIDESNET-35884NullPointerException thrown while opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-35873Adding chart Series/Categories makes chart uneditable in PowerPoint
SLIDESNET-35863Bullets are not properly rendered in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35839Wrong lables text and position in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35814Chart Title not coming fine after conversion to PDF
SLIDESNET-35761Table Rows are connecting with other table in generated PDF file.
SLIDESNET-35758Unknown file format exception on opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-35717PPTX to PDF: Chart labels are blurry
SLIDESNET-35690Improper vertical axis rendering in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35689Chart plot area fill color is missing when converting PPTX to PDF
SLIDESNET-35664Exception on generating XPS using Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-35661Unexpected font parsing exception when opening PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35649Text has wrong position after cloning 14.10.0, 15.1.0
SLIDESNET-35566Exception on saving cloned presentation as PPT
SLIDESNET-35562Wrong fill color of chart’s plot area
SLIDESNET-35543Unexpected font parsing exception on loading presentations
SLIDESNET-35521Chart failed to get edited in PowerPoint when updated using Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-35480Ole frame failed to open after data is modified using Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Cells
SLIDESNET-35446Red Box doesn’t fit around the text correctly after conversion to PDF
SLIDESNET-35287The generated PDF give error message on generating PDF
SLIDESNET-34992Text inside table overlaps the footer text in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-34936Slide background fill effect “From title” is processed incorrectly
SLIDESNET-34768Object resized after presentation saving
SLIDESNET-34135Hyperlink color is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-34109SmartArt shapes getting corrupted on saving the presentation
SLIDESNET-33745Graphics distortion in thumbnail
SLIDESNET-29128Conversion from PPTX to PPT, PPS and PDF
SLIDESNET-24860Create TIF file with first x page
SLIDESNET-24385Aspose.Slides Inter Operation with COM
SLIDESNET-23799PDF generation takes immense resources and too heavy when opened
SLIDESNET-18109Serializatiion in PPTX
SLIDESNET-11407SmartArt rendering issue

Public API Changes

Fonts substitutions functinality has been added

Possibility to replace font globally across the presentation and temporary for rendering has been added.

New property “FontsManager” of Presentation class has been introduced. FontsManager class has following members:

IFontSubstRuleCollection FontSubstRuleList Property This collection of IFontSubstRule instancesusing to substitute fonts during rendering.IFontSubstRule hasSourceFont andDestFont properties implementing IFontData interface andReplaceFontCondition property allowing to choose condition of replacement (“WhenInaccessible” or “Always”).

IFontData GetFonts() Method Using to retrieve all fonts uisng in the current presentation.

ReplaceFont Methods Using to persistently replace font in the presentation.

The following example shows how to replace font in the presentation:

Presentation pres = new Presentation("PresContainsArialFont.pptx");

IFontData sourceFont = new FontData("Arial");
IFontData destFont = new FontData("Times New Roman");

pres.FontsManager.ReplaceFont(sourceFont, destFont);
pres.Save("PresContainsTimesNoewRomanFont.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);

Another example, demonstrates font substitution for rendering when inaccessible:

Presentation pres = new Presentation("PresContainsSomeRareFontFont.pptx");

IFontData sourceFont = new FontData("SomeRareFont");
IFontData destFont = new FontData("Arial");

IFontSubstRule fontSubstRule = new FontSubstRule(
	sourceFont, destFont, FontSubstCondition.WhenInaccessible);
IFontSubstRuleCollection fontSubstRuleCollection = new FontSubstRuleCollection();

pres.FontsManager.FontSubstRuleList = fontSubstRuleCollection;

// Arial font will be used instead of SomeRareFont when inaccessible