Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.11.0 Release Notes

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

SLIDESNET-37050Content missing on slides when thumbnail is generated
SLIDESNET-37048Animation problem on load and save pptx
SLIDESNET-37042Incorrect thumbnail generated
SLIDESNET-37036Incorrect master slide after presentation load and save
SLIDESNET-37029PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx
SLIDESNET-37025EndOfStreamException on loading the presentation
SLIDESNET-37022Shape names get renamed on load save
SLIDESNET-37018FormatException was unhandled on loading odp
SLIDESNET-36968AudioFrame.Volume property is not working
SLIDESNET-36962problem while setting Trigger Type or AfterPrevious
SLIDESNET-36959PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx
SLIDESNET-36929PptxReadException thrown on loading ppt
SLIDESNET-36928Slide Number property is not working
SLIDESNET-36917Content of generated HTML is missing in Chrome/Firefox
SLIDESNET-36890PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx
SLIDESNET-36865Out of Memory exception on presentation load
SLIDESNET-36858PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx
SLIDESNET-36766PptxReadException thrown while loading presentation
SLIDESNET-36725Some cell’s borders get colored after splitting the cell
SLIDESNET-36698ClassCastException occurs on presentation save
SLIDESNET-36604OutOfMemoryException is thrown when loading a presentation
SLIDESNET-36600Text missing in generated HTML
SLIDESNET-36594writeAsSvg creates incorrect text
SLIDESNET-36583Bullets are missing in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-36582writeAsSvg creates incorrect svg files
SLIDESNET-36581writeAsSvg method loses background images
SLIDESNET-36568Table missed in ODP converted from Pptx
SLIDESNET-36304IIS takes almost 1 Gb memory while doing a simple presentation load and saving
SLIDESNET-36241Presentation repair message appears in saved presentation if shape is removed from it
SLIDESNET-36028InvalidOperation Exception on accessing the presentation
SLIDESNET-35768Fonts are not rendered from HTML to presentation
SLIDESNET-35739Pie chart improperly rendered in generated thumbnbail
SLIDESNET-35718PPTX to PDF: Chart labels are not at proper position
SLIDESNET-35716Improper Pie charts series rendering in generated Pdf
SLIDESNET-35654Text indentation lost in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35201Unknown file format exception on generating PDF
SLIDESNET-35064Text improperly rendered in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-34964Invalid String exception on accessing presentaiton
SLIDESNET-33701Changing the angles in LinearGradientAngle doesn’t have an effect

Public API Changes

Obsolete properties in DataLabelCollection class have been deleted

Obsolete properties in DataLabelCollection class have been deleted:

  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.Delete
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.Format
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.LinkedSource
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.NumberFormat
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.Position
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.Separator
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowBubbleSize
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowCategoryName
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowLeaderLines
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowLegendKey
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowPercentage
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowSeriesName
  • Aspose.Slides.Charts.DataLabelCollection.ShowValue

The new property FirstSlideNumber has been added to the Presentation class

The new property FirstSlideNumber added to Presentation allows to get or to set the number of first slide in a presentation.

When a new FirstSlideNumber value is specified all slide numbers are recalculated.

using(var pres = new Presenation(path))
  int firstSlideNumber = pres.FirstSlideNumber;
  pres.FirstSlideNumber = 10;
  pres.Save(newPath, SaveFormat.Pptx);