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Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.2.0 Release Notes

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Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-36088Implement all types of hyperlink monikers
SLIDESNET-35378RemoveAt method for chart series data point collection is missing
SLIDESNET-34872To get Fill Color of Series when Fill Type is Automatic
SLIDESNET-34858Support for availability of same property for getting the file format as of Aspsoe.Cells and Aspsoe.Words

Other Implements and Changes

Bug fixes

SLIDESNET-36207Macros has been disabled message even after removing them in presenatation
SLIDESNET-36204Pie chart sector labels are improeprly rendered in generated PDF and thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36178Table width not correct when saving the presentation to image
SLIDESNET-36177Cell Font Height property return NaN for table in existing presentation file
SLIDESNET-36164Format lost when setting Text in a Table
SLIDESNET-36139Unsupported Font Parsing Exception while opening the presentation file
SLIDESNET-36127Unexpected Font parsing exception on accessing presentation
SLIDESNET-36107Presentation repair message pops up for Aspose.Slides generated presentation in PP 2010 and PP2007
SLIDESNET-36104Percentage in doughnut chart turns to decimal in generated PPTX file
SLIDESNET-36101Error on opening the PPTX file converted from PPT
SLIDESNET-36100Error on opening the PPTX file converted from PPT
SLIDESNET-36092NullReferenceException is thrown on opening password protected PPTX file
SLIDESNET-36084Value not found Exception on loading of ppt presentation
SLIDESNET-36072Chart InvertIfNegative value gets set when saving presentation
SLIDESNET-36070Portion format returns wrong values for portion properties
SLIDESNET-36068Exception: Only FileMoniker is supported on opening PPT file
SLIDESNET-36066All images missing in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-36057Exception: Can’t read MSCDFileSystem when opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-36053Charts are missing in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36051ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on opening the PPTX file
SLIDESNET-36048SmartArt text is improperly rendered in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-36039NullReference exception on opening presentation
SLIDESNET-36033Graph missing in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36032Presentation repair message appears in PP 2007 for Aspose.Slides cloned presentation
SLIDESNET-36019Hebrew characters are getting disturbed when converting PPT to JPG
SLIDESNET-35979Exception: Only FileMoniker is supported when opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-35977Error on opening the generated PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35970Exception: Only FileMoniker is supported when opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-35963Method to add datapoint for dougnut chart missing while creating charts in PPTX
SLIDESNET-35962NullReference exception on opening a password protected presentation
SLIDESNET-35954SmartArt improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35934Out of Memory Exception is thrown while using Aspose.Slides as COM in C++
SLIDESNET-35918Chart DataLabels are not coming in the correct format in the generated Presentation files
SLIDESNET-35913Out of Memory Exception thrown when trying to convert the PPTX file to PDF
SLIDESNET-35903System.IndexOutOfRangeException on accessing the presentation
SLIDESNET-35895Opening failure
SLIDESNET-35880Shape autofit not working as expected in PPTX
SLIDESNET-35802System Out of Memory Exception thrown on converting PPTX to PDF
SLIDESNET-35801Repair file message appears on opening the generated PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35798A generic error occurred in GDI+ on converting PPTX to PDF
SLIDESNET-35775Unexpected font parsing exception while opening a PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35742Unexpected font parsing exception while PPTX presentation reading
SLIDESNET-35732Chart missing in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35711PptRead exception on exporting to PDF
SLIDESNET-35685Unexpected Font parsing exception on loading presentation
SLIDESNET-35655Unexpected font parsing exception when opening PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35486Exception: Unexpected font parsing exception is thrown when opening the PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35350Exception ‘Only FileMoniker is supported’ on loading PPT file
SLIDESNET-35272Unexpected font parsing exception on loading presentations
SLIDESNET-35167NotImplemented Exception was unhandled when accessing presentation
SLIDESNET-34947Error opening password protected 2013 PowerPoint files
SLIDESNET-33486SmartArt missing in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-32860Support for WordArt rendering in Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-17213Word art styles does not rendered in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36116Add Hyperlink to some part of text in an existing portion in PPTX file

Public API Changes

AddDataPointForDoughnutSeries methods have been added

The two overloads of IChartDataPointCollection.AddDataPointForDoughnutSeries() method have been added for adding data points into series of Doughnut chart type.

Aspose.Slides.SmartArt.SmartArtShape class has been inherited from Aspose.Slides.GeometryShape class

Aspose.Slides.SmartArt.SmartArtShape class has been inherited from Aspose.Slides.GeometryShape class. This change improves Aspose.Slides object model and adds new features to SmartArtShape class.

Methods for removing chart data point and chart category by index has been added

IChartDataPointCollection.RemoveAt(int index) method has been added for removing chart data point by its index. IChartCategoryCollection.RemoveAt(int index) method has been added for removing chart category by its index.

PptXPptY value has been added to Aspose.Slides.Animation.PropertyType enumeration

PptXPptY value has been added to Aspose.Slides.Animation.PropertyType enumeration in the scope of a serialization issue fix.

System.Drawing.Color GetAutomaticSeriesColor() method has been added to Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeries

GetAutomaticSeriesColor method returns an automatic color of series based on series index and chart style. This color is used by default if FillType equals NotDefined.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation())
  IChart chart = pres.Slides[0].Shapes.AddChart(ChartType.ClusteredColumn, 100, 50, 600, 400);
  for (int i = 0; i < chart.ChartData.Series.Count; i++)