Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.3.0 Release Notes

Major Features

Improved SmartArt customization support

All changes

SLIDESNET-36295Presentation repair message on saving presentation with video
SLIDESNET-36263Presentation gets corrupt when opened in PowerPoint 2007
SLIDESNET-36259Lines appearing in the exported PDF for the chart
SLIDESNET-36257Improper positioning of the comments in presentations
SLIDESNET-36250IWarningCallback implementation shows different substitution fonts for same font
SLIDESNET-36249Text highlighting missed in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36247FontManager returns 0 as fonts count if the presentaiton is loading using stream
SLIDESNET-36236Wrong text color of Data Label with value 23%
SLIDESNET-36234Text alignment in merged cell of the table is not correct in PDF file
SLIDESNET-36233SplitbyColSpan not splitting the table properly
SLIDESNET-36209Chart missing and improperly in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36187Text on SmartArt (after re-saving) is improperly rendered in thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36184Text has wrong position on slide after saving presentation
SLIDESNET-36181Wrong image rendering in generated Html
SLIDESNET-36176NullReferenceException on opening pptx presentation
SLIDESNET-36175NullReference exception on opening presentation
SLIDESNET-36174Wrong legend rendering in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36170Exception: Only FileMoniker is supported on opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-36157Slide text get missing when slide thumbnail is generated in multiple passes
SLIDESNET-36156Text missing in exported PDF
SLIDESNET-36149Changing the font height does not refelect upon the slide in exported SVG
SLIDESNET-36137Wrong ParagraphFormat.Bullet.Type value after export to PPT
SLIDESNET-36135Wrong line width after export to PPT
SLIDESNET-36125Chart labels are loosing orientation after updating the values
SLIDESNET-36124Text curving from PPT presentation serialized in PPTX improperly
SLIDESNET-36123WordArt text Curve-Up rendered improperly from ppt presentation
SLIDESNET-36120Wrong title text formatting after saving PPTX presentation
SLIDESNET-36118Changing border FillFormat.FillType to wrong value due to serialization
SLIDESNET-36115Replacing unsafe ASCII characters with a “%” by printable symbols.
SLIDESNET-36114System.IndexOutOfRangeException on taking table height after merging cells
SLIDESNET-36112The change of a hyperlink is not saved to ouptup PPT and PPTX presentations
SLIDESNET-36108System.IndexOutOfRangeException on taking table height
SLIDESNET-36098Improper doughnut chart rendering in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36093Password protection not getting applied on PPT file
SLIDESNET-36089Presentation repair message appears in PP 2007 for Aspose.Slides saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36083Wrong angle of WordArt text on thumbnails and PDF from ppt presentation
SLIDESNET-36074InvalidOperationException: on adding video frame in PPT file
SLIDESNET-36067Object Reference Exception is thrown on saving the file
SLIDESNET-36055Charts series and y-axis labels are improperly rendered in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-36054Chart is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36049Exception: This export format is not implemented for PPT yet when saving presentation using HttpResponse
SLIDESNET-36036TextFrame is surrounded with black border in Aspose.Slides saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36030Cloning slide with embedded video throws presenation repair message
SLIDESNET-36010ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on opening the PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35953ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception on saving presentation
SLIDESNET-35943Slide Text missing in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35930PowerPoint found content in presentaion that it did not understand
SLIDESNET-35885NullPointerException thrown while converting PPT to PDF in Linux Mono
SLIDESNET-35840Missing SmartArt in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35772Smart Art not appearing in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35744SmartArt is missing in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35738InvertIfNegative property is set to true when series data point color is set
SLIDESNET-35666PowerPoint 2007 throw error message on opening Aspose.Slides generated presenation
SLIDESNET-35595Smart Art missing in the generated PNG file
SLIDESNET-35536Chart improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35392SmartArt shapes distortions in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35313SmartArt is missing in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-34590SmartArt shape is corrupted when Smart Art text is accessed and changed
SLIDESNET-34528Aspose.Slides failed to read the master theme name for presentaiton
SLIDESNET-29246Shape improperly rendered
SLIDESNET-29243Font family changed for the text of SmartArt in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-29242Circle around shapes failed to render
SLIDESNET-29241Text missing from rendered SmartArt
SLIDESNET-26388Add shapes to group shape corrupts presentation