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Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.6.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-36494Support for cleaning of PowerPoint document properties
SLIDESNET-36325Support for removing Notes Slides in presentation

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

SLIDESNET-36614NullPointer exception on loading the presentation
SLIDESNET-36601SmartArt gets disturbed in saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36586Presentation repair message on opening the Aspose.Slides saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36574Incorrect chart legend on load and save presentation
SLIDESNET-36572ArgumentException on saving presentation
SLIDESNET-36563Incorrect text alignment in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36554Presentation gets corrupted when slides with videos are cloned
SLIDESNET-365523D chart has multiple rendering issues after cloning slide
SLIDESNET-35465Feature to Automatically compress images when saving the presentation file
SLIDESNET-36551Aspose Slides 15.5 Table loses cell borders after cloning slide
SLIDESNET-36549ArgumentException was unhandled
SLIDESNET-36547Repair message after resaving presentation
SLIDESNET-36545Chart axis and legends text is improeprly rendered in exported HTML
SLIDESNET-36539Black lines added to textboxes on print
SLIDESNET-36537Text became bold in generated html from odp
SLIDESNET-36536Hyperlink text is lost on converting odp to html
SLIDESNET-36533RegressionTests_v14_2. SLIDESNET_35187 hangs up after the build #348
SLIDESNET-36532Text missing in the thumbnails generated from odp
SLIDESNET-36531Incorrect rendering of shapes in generated html
SLIDESNET-36530Bullet points are appended with text
SLIDESNET-36529Incorrect thumbnail generated
SLIDESNET-36528FormatException on odp loading
SLIDESNET-36526OdpReadException on odp loading
SLIDESNET-36515Improper chart series fill after resaving presentation
SLIDESNET-36511TextFrame.createTextLayout() throws NullPointerException
SLIDESNET-36509Table boder is appearing when PPTX slide is merged in presentaiton
SLIDESNET-36507PptUnsupportedFormatException on opening the presentation
SLIDESNET-36503NullPointer exception on saving presentaiton by setting predefined slide size
SLIDESNET-36502Embedded excel loses cell formula after saving with Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-36501Chart improperly rendered in exported PDF
SLIDESNET-36500Chart missing in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36498Chart failed to get opened in edit mode after resaving
SLIDESNET-36490TextFrame position gets changed in saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36486“PROTECTED VIEW Office has detected a problem with this file” attention appears in PPT presentation.
SLIDESNET-36470AxisPosition: On Tick Mark does not work in Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-36452Custom combination chart is lost when thumbnail is generated.
SLIDESNET-36433Font color changed for imported html data
SLIDESNET-36418InvertIfNegative property is not taking effect when rendering to PDF and thumnail
SLIDESNET-36371Slide number is inserted on slide along with an asterisk symbol.
SLIDESNET-36352Notes are removed after saving the PPT file
SLIDESNET-36351ObjectDisposedException: Cannot write to a closed TextWriter on saving presentation
SLIDESNET-36169Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array. on opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-36168Exception: Property set stored in BigEndian format on opening the PPT file
SLIDESNET-36058Number format not applying on bar chart
SLIDESNET-36029Chart series datapoint label number format is wrong
SLIDESNET-36022NullReferenceException thrown while PPT reading
SLIDESNET-36021Shape missing after PPT saving
SLIDESNET-36017Arrows direction gets changed in cloned presentation
SLIDESNET-35890Presentation gets corrupted on saving if the chart has variable data
SLIDESNET-35868Cannot edit chart data in Excel after saving PPTX
SLIDESNET-35792Chart failed to get edited in PowerPoint after removing categories
SLIDESNET-35773Number formatting on embedded chart change when saving as PPTX
SLIDESNET-35688Chart vertical axis line is missing when converting PPTX to PDF
SLIDESNET-35660The value axis (y-axis) format of the chart changes while saving the presentation
SLIDESNET-35580Wrong Display of Chart data when cloning PPTX slides
SLIDESNET-35319Support for PptxUnsupportedFormatException message when loading DOCM, DOCX, DOTM, DOTX, XLSB, XLSM, XLSX, SLTM, XLTX
SLIDESNET-35318Support for InvalidPasswordException message when loading a password protected PPT without password
SLIDESNET-35259Date format in resaved presentation is changed
SLIDESNET-33985The master template improperly applied on the presenation after cloning 7.2.0
SLIDESNET-31346Thumbnail Issue

Public API Changes

DataLabel constructor signature has been changed

DataLabel constructor signature has been changed:

  • was: DataLabel.#ctor(Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeries);
  • now: DataLabel.#ctor(Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartDataPoint);

Members IDocumentProperties.Count, .GetPropertyName(int index), .Remove(string name), .Contains(string name) have been marked as Obsolete and their substitutions have been introduced instead.

Property IDocumentProperties.Count and methods IDocumentProperties.GetPropertyName(int index), .Remove(string name), .Contains(string name) have been marked as Obsolete. Property IDocumentProperties.CountOfCustomProperties and methods IDocumentProperties.GetCustomPropertyName(int index), .RemoveCustomProperty(string name), .ContainsCustomProperty(string name) have been added instead.

Method INotesSlideManager.RemoveNotesSlide() has been added

Method INotesSlideManager.RemoveNotesSlide() has been added for removing notes slide of some slide.

Method Remove has been added to IComment

Method IComment.Remove has been added for removing comment from the collection.

Method Remove has been added to ICommentAuthor

Method ICommentAuthor.Remove has been added for removing author of comments from the collection.

Methods ClearCustomProperties and ClearBuiltInProperties have been added to IDocumentProperties

Method IDocumentProperties.ClearCustomProperties has been added for removing all custom document properties. Method IDocumentProperties.ClearBuiltInProperties has been added for removing and setting default values for all builtIn document properties (Company, Subject, Author etc).

Methods RemoveAt, Remove and Clear have been added to ICommentAuthorCollection

Method ICommentAuthorCollection.RemoveAt has added for removing author by specified index. Method ICommentAuthorCollection.Remove has added for removing specified author from collection. Method ICommentAuthorCollection.Clear has been added for removing all items from collection.

Property AppVersion has been added to IDocumentProperties

Property IDocumentProperties.AppVersion has been added to get builtIn document property which representis internal version numbers used by Microsoft during development.

Property BlackWhiteMode has been added to IShape and to Shape

Property BlackWhiteMode has been added to IShape and to Shape.

This property specifies how a shape will render in black-and-white display mode.

Value**Meaning **
ColorRender with normal coloring
AutomaticRender with automatic coloring
GrayRender with gray coloring
LightGrayRender with light gray coloring
InverseGrayRender with inverse gray coloring
GrayWhiteRender with gray and white coloring
BlackGrayRender with black and gray coloring
BlackWhiteRender with black and white coloring
BlackRender only with black coloring
WhiteRender with white coloring
HiddenNot render

*NotDefined means that property isn’t set

Property ISlide.NotesSlideManager has been added. Property ISlide.NotesSlide and method ISlide.AddNotesSlide() have been marked as Obsolete.

ISlide.NotesSlide, ISlide.AddNotesSlide() members has been marked as Obsolete. Use new property ISlide.NotesSlideManager instead.

ISlide slide = ...;
INotesSlide notes;
// notes = slide.AddNotesSlide(); - obsolete
// notes = slide.NotesSlide; - obsolete
notes = slide.NotesSlideManager.NotesSlide;
notes = slide.NotesSlideManager.AddNotesSlide();