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Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.7.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-36588Exporting slides to Graphics Object
SLIDESNET-36484Support for reading password protected file in read only mode
SLIDESNET-35575Feature to specify the vary color by point option when setting the fill format of datapoints
SLIDESNET-27841DPI Setting for TIFF image

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug Fixes

SLIDESNET-36755Import from HTML Slide Text appearing White
SLIDESNET-36728Incorrect PDF is generated
SLIDESNET-36722FirstSliceAngle set is not working for Pie3D charts
SLIDESNET-36706Chart last category missing if data points are blank
SLIDESNET-36704InvertIfNegative values are rendered without color in saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36702ReplaceFont method not working
SLIDESNET-36695Missed text in Html generated from odp
SLIDESNET-36686Saving presentation changes the font used for bullet points
SLIDESNET-36668Source directory must exist exception on new Presentation()
SLIDESNET-36658Chart data point color set to black on cloning slide
SLIDESNET-36657Changing chart type corrupts the presentaiton
SLIDESNET-36631IndexOutOfRangeException on presentation load
SLIDESNET-36627Table and chart loses frame data when slide layout changed to newly cloned layout
SLIDESNET-36617Improperly text rendering on thumbnail generated from Odp
SLIDESNET-36602Presentation repair message on saving presenatation
SLIDESNET-36598Incorrect notes rendering pptx to html
SLIDESNET-36592Generated pdf is appearing blur
SLIDESNET-36585Chart failed to get opened in edit mode for saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36570Chart legends are improperly rendered in exported PDF and thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36569Fill color lost in ODP converted from Pptx
SLIDESNET-36567PptxReadException on ODP loading
SLIDESNET-36566Improper text rendering in pdf and html generated from ODP
SLIDESNET-36562Text missing in Pdf and Html generated from ODP
SLIDESNET-36559Odp to Pptx conversion: result presentation corrupted
SLIDESNET-36495Can not load pptx file
SLIDESNET-36323Text is discloacated in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36287Horzontal Error Bars are significantly thinner via Aspose PDF export.
SLIDESNET-36205PptReadException on presentation loading
SLIDESNET-36143Y-Axis values in PDF file are not proper as in PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35973Empty space left after removing the category from the chart in PPTX
SLIDESNET-35784Fonts information is extracted only from first slide of PPTX file
SLIDESNET-35759Couldn’t read “PowerPoint Document” record on PPT opening
SLIDESNET-35607Portions LatinFont is null in loaded Ppt
SLIDESNET-35557Unexpected font parsing exception on PPTX presentation opening
SLIDESNET-35512Chart improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-35383ArgumentOutOfRangeException on importing HTML to PPTX
SLIDESNET-35334ArgumentOutOfRangeException reading resaved PPTX with a chart
SLIDESNET-35319Support for PptxUnsupportedFormatException message when loading DOCM, DOCX, DOTM, DOTX, XLSB, XLSM, XLSX, SLTM, XLTX
SLIDESNET-35318Support for InvalidPasswordException message when loading a password protected PPT without password
SLIDESNET-35305Improper PPT thumbnails rendering
SLIDESNET-35278Table Font Changes on saving the presentation file
SLIDESNET-34646Presentation gets corrupted on updating the chart data
SLIDESNET-34525Chart legend key appearing on setting custom labels inside chart
SLIDESNET-34501Removing series label corrupts the presentation
SLIDESNET-34466Presentation gets corrupted on adding new chart series for Bubble chart
SLIDESNET-34375ArgumentException on thumbnails rendering
SLIDESNET-34179Aspose generated chart failed to get edited in Powerpoint

Public API Changes

Enum ImagePixelFormat has been added

Enum Aspose.Slides.Export.ImagePixelFormat has been added for specifying pixel format for the generated images.

IChartDataPoint.GetAutomaticDataPointColor() method has been added

Returns an automatic color of data point based on series index, data point index, ParentSeriesGroup, IsColorVaried propery and chart style. This color is used by default if FillType equals NotDefined.

Method RenderToGraphics has been added to Slide

Method RenderToGraphics (and it’s overloads) has been added to Aspose.Slides.Slide for rendering a slide to Graphics object.

Property PixelFormat has been added to ITiffOptions and TiffOptions

Property PixelFormat has been added to Aspose.Slides.Export.ITiffOptions and Aspose.Slides.Export.TiffOptions for specifying pixel format for the generated TIFF images.