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Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.8.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-36003Setting Doughnut hole size
SLIDESNET-35418Set Doughnut Hole Size in Doughnut Chart

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug fixes

SLIDESNET-36807Background fill of shape is lost after saving ODP to HTML
SLIDESNET-36806Slide background is lost after saving ODP to HTML
SLIDESNET-36805Hyperlinks are missing in generated HTML file
SLIDESNET-36761Password protected XLTM file opening cause extreme memory leak
SLIDESNET-36735theme.xml for master is not removed
SLIDESNET-36729After saving .ppt files there are some loss of information
SLIDESNET-36726Unable to create presentation with embedded video
SLIDESNET-36723NullReference Exception on deleting table column
SLIDESNET-36712Exceptions on loading zero KB presentation
SLIDESNET-36709Chart missing on generated PDF
SLIDESNET-36701User shape does not appear in presentation
SLIDESNET-36697Presentation repair message on opening presentation with video
SLIDESNET-36696The Media player controls does not appear by default for linked video
SLIDESNET-36683Loop Until Stopped is affected on cloning slide with video
SLIDESNET-36660Chart in pdf is rendered half in size
SLIDESNET-36655Incorrect bullets on presentation load and save
SLIDESNET-36654Incorrect shapes on load and save presentation
SLIDESNET-36653Incorrect text boxes on presentation load and save
SLIDESNET-36639ArgumentException: Opening streams containing same presentation
SLIDESNET-36625Incorrect table rendering pptx to pdf
SLIDESNET-36603Rendered chart font height depends on DPI Scale setting
SLIDESNET-36591Chart data table improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36589Bullet appearing with text on saving the presentation
SLIDESNET-36565Wrong slide background in pdf and html generated from ODP
SLIDESNET-36561Slide Notes rendered incorrectly in PDF
SLIDESNET-36550Text is lost when converted to pptx or a thumbnail is generated
SLIDESNET-36497Locking effects are lost in generated presentaiton
SLIDESNET-36432Wrong tables rendering in generated Pdf and Html
SLIDESNET-36264Text turn white after slide cloning
SLIDESNET-35843Wrong text wrapping in generated Pdf
SLIDESNET-35828Paragraph positioning is not fine in the generated PPT file
SLIDESNET-35827Paragraph positioning is not fine in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35532Chart missing in PDF
SLIDESNET-35531Wrong fill type returned from shape
SLIDESNET-35424Category axis text is improperly rendered in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35084Wrong labels rotation of category axis
SLIDESNET-35021Charts are improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-34997Master slide is improperly applied on the slides
SLIDESNET-33699Charts missing in generated thumbnail

Public API Changes

Property DoughnutHoleSize has been added to IChartSeries and ChartSeries

Specifies the size of the hole in a doughnut chart.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation())
  IChart chart = pres.Slides[0].Shapes.AddChart(ChartType.Doughnut, 50, 50, 400, 400);
  chart.ChartData.SeriesGroups[0].DoughnutHoleSize = 90;
  pres.Save("ChartSeries.API.DoughnutHoleSize.pptx", SaveFormat.Pptx);