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Aspose.Slides for .NET 15.9.0 Release Notes

Completed investigations

SLIDESNET-36888Aspose.Slides failed to open the presentations with path exceeding 260 characaters

Won’t fix, Can’t reproduce, Not a bug issues

SLIDESNET-30408Finding shape by name in shapes collection

Other Improvements and Changes

Bug fixes

SLIDESNET-36905Incorrect color values of text (not a bug)
SLIDESNET-36898Presentation with line chart is not created
SLIDESNET-36896Incorrect html rendering with respect to OpenOffice
SLIDESNET-36895Incorrect hyperlink color in generated HTML with respect to OpenOffice
SLIDESNET-36894Wrong text wrapping in generated HTML with respect to OpenOffice
SLIDESNET-36893The image improperly rendered in generated HTML with respect to OpenOffice
SLIDESNET-36889PptReadException on presentation loading
SLIDESNET-36859Presentation is corrupted after serialization to PPTX from ODP
SLIDESNET-36856Incorrect hyperlink on ppt
SLIDESNET-36847Numeric chart labels with + symbol does not show in presentation
SLIDESNET-36843Incorrect PDF notes rendering
SLIDESNET-36841Shape name is not getting set in Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-36840ArgumentNullException on Odp to Html saving
SLIDESNET-36834Presentation repair message on opening the Aspose.Slides saved presentation
SLIDESNET-36808Missing text on odp to html conversion
SLIDESNET-36792PptxEditException on cloning slides inside presentation
SLIDESNET-36774Odp to Pptx: Wrong text alignment
SLIDESNET-36773Odp to Pptx: Text is missed
SLIDESNET-36770Odp to Html: Wrong text rendering
SLIDESNET-36769Table cells indices are not changed after merging and splitting table cells
SLIDESNET-36763CustomData.Tags.Add is not working for ppt
SLIDESNET-36724Unable to split first cell (0,0)
SLIDESNET-36714Table is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36700Charts are improperly rendered in generated thumbnails
SLIDESNET-36672Text split into three columns on saving presentation
SLIDESNET-36643The generated shape thumbnails (jpeg) have black background color
SLIDESNET-36560Table border appear in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36514Text size gets bigger on load and save
SLIDESNET-36462Chart missing in generated html
SLIDESNET-36461Cell’s left and top borders isn’t drawn in PPTX
SLIDESNET-36384SmartArt cell is rendered much thinner as compared to actual shape in exported PDF
SLIDESNET-36383The word art text color gets changed in exported PDF
SLIDESNET-36382Shape fill format gets changed in exported PDF
SLIDESNET-36381Text get rotated in generated PDF for different slide shapes
SLIDESNET-36354TextFrame formatting not working on table cell.
SLIDESNET-36353Loading PPTX file with video and saving PPSX format, video in lost.
SLIDESNET-36339Table cells borders are missing in generated thumbnail
SLIDESNET-36337Wrong type of exception in encrypted PPT
SLIDESNET-36312If the PowerPoint file contains video, it needs to be repaired after using slide API.
SLIDESNET-36235NullReference exception on merging cells inside table
SLIDESNET-36087Shadow applied in the resultant file when no shadow is selected in the template PPTX file
SLIDESNET-36002Wrong shape background in generated Pdf
SLIDESNET-35999Wrong ppt serialization of arrow autoshape
SLIDESNET-35980Missing arrow in serialized ppt presentation
SLIDESNET-35826Opening fails with message - Not a Open Office presentation.
SLIDESNET-35823Title of slides is missing in the generated PPT file
SLIDESNET-35822Title of slides is missing in the generated PDF file
SLIDESNET-35769Line spacing, Enter and Shift Enter for text is not imported from HTML inside generated presentation
SLIDESNET-35750Logo missed in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35749Excess bold style of title after resaving of ppt presentation
SLIDESNET-35702XmlException while cloning PPT presentation
SLIDESNET-35664Exception on generating XPS using Aspose.Slides
SLIDESNET-35584In XPS and on the thumbnails the text bullets mustn’t have ‘italic’ style
SLIDESNET-35583Improper Pie chart rendering in generated Pdf
SLIDESNET-35523Accessing table cell and adding text change the background fill option for the table
SLIDESNET-35314Pie chart improperly rendered in generated PDF
SLIDESNET-35163Table is missing from the presentation export
SLIDESNET-34102FormatException on loading presentation
SLIDESNET-33121CellEx.splitByRowSpan() always throws Exception
SLIDESNET-23481Cells cannot be merged exception on merging cell