Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.2.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

SLIDESNET-37152Support for creating callout data label for Pie chartEnhancements
SLIDESNET-37134Support for setting slide frameEnhancements
SLIDESNET-37014Support for Legacy SmartArt processingEnhancements
SLIDESNET-36904Support to change Axis type of a chart with cases Text Axis and Date AxisEnhancements
SLIDESNET-36872Horizontal scrolling on generated PDFEnhancements
SLIDESNET-35516Support to determine the original file name from embedded objects using Aspose.SlidesEnhancements
SLIDESNET-34668Support for Date Axis in Aspose.Slides chartsEnhancements
SLIDESNET-37148Support for extracting SmartArt text frames using Utils.GetAllTextFramesEnhancements
SLIDESNET-37222PptxReadException on pptx loadBug
SLIDESNET-37214Table’s border failed to be drawnBug
SLIDESNET-37205OutOfMemoryException on presentation loadBug
SLIDESNET-37203IConnector.Reroute() does not update shape frameBug
SLIDESNET-37192Presentation repair message when video is addedBug
SLIDESNET-37185Poor drawing quality in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37183GetThumbnail() renders images with grey borderBug
SLIDESNET-37181Dispose method do not release memoryBug
SLIDESNET-37171Internal exception appears on saving presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37169Problem with getthumbnail methodBug
SLIDESNET-37168Aspose Presentation object not disposing even after call .Dispose()Bug
SLIDESNET-37166ArgumentOutOfRangeException on split by width methodBug
SLIDESNET-37165Cell height error and column span is zeroBug
SLIDESNET-37164IndexOutOfRangeException on split by width methodBug
SLIDESNET-37163Code halts systemBug
SLIDESNET-37162System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException on splitting the cellsBug
SLIDESNET-37153Bullet appeared after saving pptx to pdfBug
SLIDESNET-37151PptxRead exception on accessing presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37149Argument Exception on saving presentation to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37147ArgumentException on saving the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37143Table is rendered biggerBug
SLIDESNET-37142Shape color is changed on load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-37141UpdateDateTimeFields property not workingBug
SLIDESNET-37140Table is drawing wrong on thumbnail generated from PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-37139Font size changedBug
SLIDESNET-37135Wrong text alignment on load and save pptBug
SLIDESNET-37132Shadow effect appeared on load and save pptxBug
SLIDESNET-37131Slide title appearing twice on htmlBug
SLIDESNET-37127Numbering to bullets and dashesBug
SLIDESNET-37122Shape color changed on load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-37120FormatException thrown on loading pptBug
SLIDESNET-37118PptxReadException thrown on loading pptxBug
SLIDESNET-37114Shape border lines disappeared on load and save pptBug
SLIDESNET-37104Problem with custom shows on presentation load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-37100Transparency Turned on Incorrectly after load and SaveBug
SLIDESNET-37095Rotated text label on chart not rotated in PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37086LinkFileName and LinkPathLong properties are not workingBug
SLIDESNET-37062Wrong bullet appears on saved slideBug
SLIDESNET-37032Text alignment changed on presentation load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-37026Aspose.Slides increased memory issueBug
SLIDESNET-37011Cloning singlee slide takes about 3 secondBug
SLIDESNET-36992Wrong legend entry for series removed on removingBug
SLIDESNET-36965Legacy SmartArt in PPTX presentation cause to various problemsBug
SLIDESNET-36961Incorrect LastPrinted value for a file that has never been printedBug
SLIDESNET-36941PptxReadException thrown on loading pptxBug
SLIDESNET-36877Setting chart title position is not working in Aspose.SlidesBug
SLIDESNET-36837VBA digital sign is lost during conversionBug
SLIDESNET-36650Wrong text wrapping in cell of table in generated thumbnail and PDFBug
SLIDESNET-36522Text Alignment changed on pdf exportBug
SLIDESNET-36512GeometryDeserializationContext.loadPaths() throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-36434Wrong text rendering in generated Pdf and Html
SLIDESNET-36415Saving PPTX with embedded file changes embedded file nameBug
SLIDESNET-36412Table rendered with wrong font in generated PdfBug
SLIDESNET-36374Text missing in the first table row in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-36231Text missing in exported HTML when viewed in different browsersBug
SLIDESNET-36160Fonts get changed on cloning slidesBug
SLIDESNET-36113IndexOutOfBound Exception is thrown on setting the numbered bullet list as UndefinedBug
SLIDESNET-36018Bullets appeared in cloned presentationBug
SLIDESNET-36000SmartArts are missing in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-35961Problem adding bullets in presentation fileBug
SLIDESNET-35851Error when opening the generated PDF file in Acrobat ReaderBug
SLIDESNET-34892String measurement is incorrect when drawing on canvasBug
SLIDESNET-34847SmartArt is missing or wrongly rendered on exported PDFsBug
SLIDESNET-34840Exception: “reading animation group failed” while opening a PPTX fileBug
SLIDESNET-34333Text missing in generated thumbnail for SmartArt shapeBug
SLIDESNET-34004SmartArt font changes on opening and saving presentationBug
SLIDESNET-33892Text improperly rendered in generated slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-33867PptException: reading animation group failed on exporting presentation to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-33843Hyperlinks are lost on converting PPT to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-33712PPT to PPTX conversion bugBug
SLIDESNET-33355Bullet characters are rendered of wrong size in generated thumbnailsBug
SLIDESNET-32649Text converted to image while converting PPT to PPTXBug

Public API Changes

Enum Slides.Charts.CategoryAxisType has been added

Used in IAxis.CategoryAxisType and Axis.CategoryAxisType properties to determine category axis type.

  • CategoryAxisType.Auto - category axis type will be determined automatically during serialization (this behavior is not implemented now)
  • CategoryAxisType.Text - category axis type is Text
  • CategoryAxisType.Date - category axis type is DateTime

Fast text extraction

The new static method GetPresentationText has been added to Presentation class. There’re two overloads for this method:

PresentationText GetPresentationText(Stream stream)
PresentationText GetPresentationText(Stream stream, ExtractionMode mode)

The ExtractionMode enum argument indicates the mode to organize the output of text result and can be set to the following values:

  • Unarranged - The raw text with no respect to position on the slide
  • Arranged - The text is positioned in the same order as on the slide

Unarranged mode can be used when speed is critical, it’s faster than Arranged mode.

PresentationText represents the raw text extracted from the presentation. It contains a SlidesText property from Aspose.Slides.Util namespace which returns an array of ISlideText objects. Every object represent the text on the corresponding slide. ISlideText object have the following properties:

  • ISlideText.Text - The text on the slide’s shapes
  • ISlideText.MasterText - The text on the master page’s shapes for this slide
  • ISlideText.LayoutText - The text on the layout page’s shapes for this slide
  • ISlideText.NotesText - The text on the notes page’s shapes for this slide

There’s also a SlideText class which implements the ISlideText interface.

The new API can be used like this:

PresentationText text1 = Presentation.GetPresentationText("presentation.ppt");

PresentationText text2 = Presentation.GetPresentationText("presentation.pptx", ExtractionMode.Unarranged);

ILegacyDiagram interface and LegacyDiagram class have been added

Interface Aspose.Slides.ILegacyDiagram and class Aspose.Slides.LegacyDiagram have added to represent legacy diagram object. Legacy diagram object is an old format of diagrams from PowerPoint 97-2003. New class provides methods to convert legacy diagram to modern editable SmartArt object or to editable GroupShape.

New Aspose.Slides.TextAlignment enum membed added (JustifyLow)

A new member of TextAlignment enum member has been added:

  • JustifyLow - Kashida justify low.

New properties for Aspose.Slides.IOleObjectFrame and OleObjectFrame

A new properties has been added to IOleObjectFrame interface and OleObjectFrame class implementing this interface. These properties using to provide information about an object embedded into the presentation:

  • EmbeddedFileExtension - Returns the file extension for the current embedded object or empty string if object is not a link
  • EmbeddedFileLabel - Returns the file name of embedded OLE object
  • EmbeddedFileName - Returns the path of embedded OLE object

New property CategoryAxisType has been added to IAxis and Axis classes

Property CategoryAxisType specifies type of category axis.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation(sourcePptxFileName))
  IChart chart = pres.Slides[0].Shapes[0] as IChart;
  chart.Axes.HorizontalAxis.CategoryAxisType = CategoryAxisType.Date;
  chart.Axes.HorizontalAxis.IsAutomaticMajorUnit = false;
  chart.Axes.HorizontalAxis.MajorUnit = 1;
  chart.Axes.HorizontalAxis.MajorUnitScale = TimeUnitType.Months;

  pres.Save(pptxOutPath, SaveFormat.Pptx);

New property ShowLabelAsDataCallout has been added to DataLabelFormat class and IDataLabelFormat interface

Property ShowLabelAsDataCallout determines either specified chart’s data label will be displayed as data callout or as data label.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation())
  IChart chart = pres.Slides[0].Shapes.AddChart(ChartType.Pie, 50, 50, 500, 400);
  chart.ChartData.Series[0].Labels.DefaultDataLabelFormat.ShowValue = true;
  chart.ChartData.Series[0].Labels.DefaultDataLabelFormat.ShowLabelAsDataCallout = true;
  chart.ChartData.Series[0].Labels[2].DataLabelFormat.ShowLabelAsDataCallout = false;

  pres.Save(pptxFileName, SaveFormat.Pptx);

Properties UpdateDateTimeFields and UpdateSlideNumberFields have been removed

Properties UpdateDateTimeFields and UpdateSlideNumberFields have been removed from Aspose.Slides.Presentation class and from Aspose.Slides.IPresentation interface. The Text property of Aspose.Slides.TextFrame, Paragraph, Portion classes and Aspose.Slides.ITextFrame, IParagraph, IPortion interfaces returns text with updated “datetime” fields. Also properties Presentation.DocumentProperties.CreatedTime, LastSavedTime and LastPrinted became read-only.

Property DrawSlidesFrame has been added to PdfOptions and XpsOptions

Boolean property DrawSlidesFrame has been added to interfaces Aspose.Slides.Export.IPdfOptions, Aspose.Slides.Export.IXpsOptions and to related classes Aspose.Slides.Export.PdfOptions, Aspose.Slides.Export.XpsOptions. The black frame around each slide will be drawn if this property set ’true'.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation("input.pptx"))
  pres.Save("output.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf, new PdfOptions() { DrawSlidesFrame = true });