Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.3.0 Release Notes

SLIDESNET-37199Support for getting parent shape name in ITextFrameFeature
SLIDESNET-37157Support to export SmartArt child node as imagesFeature
SLIDESNET-37124Missing information in app.xml created by Aspose.Slides as compared to xml of PPFeature
SLIDESNET-36829Support to generate PDF notes with custom slide sizeFeature
SLIDESNET-36741Access to object properties in presentationFeature
SLIDESNET-36737Support for Label Distance from chart AxisFeature
SLIDESNET-36576Support for removing embedded audios from presentationFeature
SLIDESNET-34575Support for series second plot options for BarOfPie chartFeature
SLIDESNET-37298PDF notes are not rendering for PPT fileBug
SLIDESNET-37295NullReferenceException on PPT loadingBug
SLIDESNET-37294Blank PDF rendered from PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-37287KeyNotFoundException on PPT loadingBug
SLIDESNET-37278Presentation gets corrupt on cloning slides with videoBug
SLIDESNET-37271High memory consumption while loading a PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-37264Master slide’s content changed on slide cloningBug
SLIDESNET-37262TargetSlide returns null when Hyperlink with tooltip is added in presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37259Long presentation loading time and exception on loading the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37258Text improperly rendered in generated PdfBug
SLIDESNET-37246High CPU usage and conversion does not finishBug
SLIDESNET-37242Exception on loading a pot fileBug
SLIDESNET-37240Exception on loading presentation from ConnectStreamBug
SLIDESNET-37238Saved PPTX presentation cannot be resaved in PowerPointBug
SLIDESNET-37235Unhandled exception on loading the PPTMBug
SLIDESNET-37232Incorrect text on generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37230Exception on loading the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37225ArgumentException on saving the PPTX presentationBug
SLIDESNET-37224Value was either too large or too small for a UInt32 exception on Ppt savingBug
SLIDESNET-37220File corrupt message on saving with Aspose.SlidesBug
SLIDESNET-37216Slide thumbnail show duplicate values in tableBug
SLIDESNET-37212ArgumentOutOfRangeException on presentation loadBug
SLIDESNET-37211NullReferenceException on presentation loadBug
SLIDESNET-37210PptxReadException on presentation loadBug
SLIDESNET-37198Incorrect chart on generated PDF from PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-37197Incorrect chart on generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37180MP3 file is not getting played in Slide show modeBug
SLIDESNET-37175Incorrect rendering of numbered listsBug
SLIDESNET-37174Incorrect effective value of FillTypeBug
SLIDESNET-37170The text is improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37154Images are improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37128Incorrect text and color of bullets on generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-37126IndexOutOfRangeException on PPT loadingBug
SLIDESNET-37112Office has detected a problem error on loading and saving PPTBug
SLIDESNET-37091Text is missing in generated PDF and slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-37090Border appears on the imageBug
SLIDESNET-37027Warning message on presentation load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-36956Presentation gets corrupt on adding slide notesBug
SLIDESNET-36784Repair message on presentation load and saveBug
SLIDESNET-36758Inserted AudioFrame is not played automaticallyBug
SLIDESNET-36711Null reference exception is thrown when notes extracted from ODP fileBug
SLIDESNET-36225NullReference exception on opening password protected presentationBug
SLIDESNET-35967Exception: Not an Open Office Presentation on opening an ODP fileBug
SLIDESNET-35523Accessing table cell and adding text change the background fill option for the tableBug
SLIDESNET-35518Exception when cloning the slide: Index was out of the bound of the arrayBug
SLIDESNET-35374The border line appearing in slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-35174Pie Chart label format changed in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-35117IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when the presentation is saved to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-34988Chart Title shows even if chart.HasTitle is set as false (MS PowerPoint 2007)Bug
SLIDESNET-34389SmartArt shape failed to render in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-34354SmartArt shapes text formatting gets disturbed on cloning slidesBug
SLIDESNET-34192Setting SecondValueAxis Title throws exceptionBug
SLIDESNET-34084Cone chart failed to get created using Aspose.SlidesBug
SLIDESNET-34074ColumnsEx misses range checkingBug
SLIDESNET-34000Chart legends are improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-33824Index was out of range exception on deleting column from tableBug
SLIDESNET-33768Text formatting lost inside SmartArt on cloning slideBug
SLIDESNET-33736Setting table height to 196 failed to open table in PP2003 installed with compatibility packBug

Public API Changes

Class PieSplitCustomPointCollection and interface IPieSplitCustomPointCollection have been added

Class Aspose.Slides.Charts.PieSplitCustomPointCollection and interface Aspose.Slides.Charts.IPieSplitCustomPointCollection have been added. They represent a collection of points that shall be drawn in the second pie or bar on a bar-of-pie or pie-of-pie chart with a custom split.

Enum PieSplitType has been added

Enum Aspose.Slides.Charts.PieSplitType represents a type of splitting points in the second pie or bar on a pie-of-pie or bar-of-pie chart.

Properties for setting the second plot options for BarOfPie or PieOfPie chart have been added

Properties SecondPieSize, PieSplitPosition, PieSplitBy and PieSplitCustomPoints have been added to classes Aspose.Slides.Charts.ChartSeries, Aspose.Slides.Charts.ChartSeriesGroup and to interfaces Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeries, Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeriesGroup. They represent settings of second plot options for BarOfPie or PieOfPie chart.

Property FirstSliceAngle has been added to Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeries

Property FirstSliceAngle has been added to class Aspose.Slides.Charts.ChartSeries and interface Aspose.Slides.Charts.IChartSeries. It specifies the angle of the first pie or doughnut chart slice.