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Aspose.Slides for .NET 18.8 Release Notes

SLIDESNET-40224Add support for Strict Open XML formatFeature
SLIDESNET-34155Add support for Strict Open XML formatFeature
SLIDESNET-40189Rendering of Metafiles ignores fonts loaded with FontsLoaderFeature
SLIDESNET-40304Rendering comments from ODP format that have no authorFeature
SLIDESNET-39229Support for “” namespace in Type attribute in “.rels” partsFeature
SLIDESNET-37069Rendering presentation with large amount of data in charts consumes all available memoryBug
SLIDESNET-40266Existing PPTX table cells changes formatting after assigning textBug
SLIDESNET-40369The embedded data stream is disposedBug
SLIDESNET-40473PT to PDF not properly convertedBug
SLIDESNET-39690When PPTX is converted to PDF, picture gets blurredBug
SLIDESNET-40210An exception PptxReadException raises while loading the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-39381Exception when cleaning/updating metadata of Strict Open XML Presentation (.pptx)Bug
SLIDESNET-40409Presentation is not saved in PPS formatBug
SLIDESNET-36035Corrupt PDF is generated if Small Caps text is used in presentationBug
SLIDESNET-33513Title text in All Caps is rendered as normal as exported PDFBug
SLIDESNET-35568Not a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-35862Object reference not set to an instance of an object Exception is thrown on opening the PPTX fileBug
SLIDESNET-35882Border around text appears after saving the PPT fileBug
SLIDESNET-35965Axis Labels are not showing in the generated PDF fileBug
SLIDESNET-36499EffectTriggerType properties are not working as expectedBug
SLIDESNET-36730Chart failed to get edited in PowerPoint if series names are sameBug
SLIDESNET-37146PPT presentation can’t contains more than 8 placeholders on PPT savingBug
SLIDESNET-37433Insufficient header length exception on presentation loadBug
SLIDESNET-37590EndOfStreamException on loading the presentationBug
SLIDESNET-38207Setting and getting PlotArea X, Y values not workingBug
SLIDESNET-38367Logo of embedded empty equation block rendered incorrectlyBug
SLIDESNET-38420PPTX not converted properly to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-39151Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-39209Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-39648SVGOptions.DeletePicturesCroppedAreas works incorrectBug
SLIDESNET-39675Set range not workingBug
SLIDESNET-39913Data Format label lost when saving pptxBug
SLIDESNET-39921Pie chart percentage labels are incorrectly rendered in thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-39923Saving PPTX to PDF can cause text in pie chart labels to be lostBug
SLIDESNET-39970Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-39987Bar Chart not properly converted to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40018Improper render of external fonts in SVGBug
SLIDESNET-40050Text get missing and overlapped when exporting to PDF NotesBug
SLIDESNET-40059PPTX not properly converted to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40072Chart is improperly rendered in generated thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-40190PPTX not properly converted to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40202Strikethrough portion rendering issueBug
SLIDESNET-40254Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40277PptxReadException when opening PPTX files on MacBug
SLIDESNET-40278Exception on saving presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40281Setting data label position is not working in Box and Whisker chartBug
SLIDESNET-40302Exception appears on setting of position of data labels for Box And Whisker seriesBug
SLIDESNET-40303Changing of data labels font size and color has no effect in output presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40367Presentation repair message on opening the Aspose.Slides saved presentation after chart.ChartData.SetRange(range) in PP 2013Bug
SLIDESNET-40401Chart changes after right click on edit dataBug
SLIDESNET-40411Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40412Exception on loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-40415Picture is improperly rendered in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40425Chart is improperly rendered in generated PDFBug
SLIDESNET-40427PPTX not properly converted to PDFBug

Public API Changes

INotesCommentsLayoutingOptions.ShowCommentsByNoAuthor property have been added

INotesCommentsLayoutingOptions.ShowCommentsByNoAuthor property have been added.

Specifies the visibility of comments that do not have an author.

The default value for this property is false, which means that comments without authors are not displayed.

using (Presentation pres = new Presentation("no-author.odp"))
  PdfOptions options = new PdfOptions();
  options.NotesCommentsLayouting.CommentsPosition = CommentsPositions.Right;
  options.NotesCommentsLayouting.ShowCommentsByNoAuthor = true;

  pres.Save("out_pres.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf, options);