Aspose.Slides for .NET 23.11 Release Notes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESNET-44238Libwebp vulnerabilityInvestigation
SLIDESNET-44096NuGet package for Cross-platform versionFeature
SLIDESNET-44246Coordinates of the paragraph are returned incorrectlyEnhancement
SLIDESNET-43994Using Aspose.Slides on Linux container with .NET Core does not release memoryEnhancement
SLIDESNET-43813Part of EMF image is not displayed in Print Preview for generated PDFEnhancement
SLIDESNET-44259Paragraph portions incorrectBug
SLIDESNET-44258PPTX to ODP conversion throws NullPointerExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-44247Shape is displayed incorrectly when converting PPTX to PDF/HTML/HTML5Bug
SLIDESNET-44241Saving the presentation to a PDF document hangsBug
SLIDESNET-44227PPTX to PNG: Group Shapes with shadows not renederdBug
SLIDESNET-44226Document property has wrong value when saving a presentation to ODPBug
SLIDESNET-44222Aspose.Slides for .NET creates a corrupted presentationBug
SLIDESNET-442193D shapes are not properly converted from slide to imageBug
SLIDESNET-44217Repair message after loading and saving presentationBug
SLIDESNET-44212Failed to remove a data point from a chartBug
SLIDESNET-44211Failed to remove series data from a chartBug
SLIDESNET-44204Splitting a cell of a table and fetching the center of the splitted cellBug
SLIDESNET-44201Text is moved when converting SVG to EMF in presentationBug
SLIDESNET-44195Text is not underlined when converting SVG to EMF in presentationBug
SLIDESNET-44188PPTX to PDF conversion stucks and does not terminateBug
SLIDESNET-44121Background is changed when loading and saving a PPT fileBug